Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 938

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Seeing Simon’s face, fear crept up Kiki’s heart.

She had always felt that Simon was far crazier than her. Still, this wasn’t exactly a bad thing for her.

Kiki suppressed the ridiculous thought of Simon being Doreen’s father. She swallowed past her
constricted throat in a bid to calm her wild thoughts down. “Then, now…”

“I’ll definitely be able to contact that hypnotist,” Simon insisted.

No one was better at hypnosis than that man.

Despite Diana returning to a familiar environment and receiving so many triggers, she still couldn’t
recall her part.

She only fell in love with Julian once more.

That thought pierced Simon’s heart like a thousand needles.

How exactly was he inferior to Julian Fulcher?!

It had been three years.

He had watched over Diana for three years. It was nothing compared to the three months Julian spent
with her!

Back at CoIlina Villa, things weren’t going smoothly for Noel.

He found many hypnotists and brought them all to Diana. However, each attempt ended in failure.

They all told him that the hypnotist who worked on Diana was very skilled. The only way to release
Diana’s locked-up memories was to find him.

The problem was that without her original memories, Diana couldn’t remember who hypnotized her in
the first place. If she couldn’t recognize him, they wouldn’t be able to find him.

It was a dead end.

Noel shrunk back as he meekly raised a suggestion to

Julian. “Sir? Why don’t we…ask Madam to seduce Simon like what you did with Kiki?”

Most likely, Simon was one of those who knew the truth.

When Noel saw Julian seriously considering his idea, he grew bolder, and went on, “Kiki has already
fallen into your trap once. We can only pin our hopes on Simon.”

“Sir…? Are you listening to me?”

Julian nodded. “Yes, I am.”

Noel looked awkward. “Then… Why aren’t you responding to me?”

“I’m thinking.”

Noel was slightly happy. “Do you think that my idea is feasible, sir?”


Julian’s long fingers tapped against the table, his gaze slicing through the air like a knife. It sent chills
down Noel’s spine, and he stood stiff on the spot.

Julian glared at Noel, and said firmly, “I’m just not sure if you’re willing to be sent to Adorn for another

Noel was stunned. “What has that got to do with this?”

Julian sneered. “Oh, they’re completely related. If you dare come up with lousy ideas again, I won’t just
ship you there for a year. I’ll make sure you stay there for the rest of your life!”

At that, Noel no longer dared to speak. He was worried about his own life.

Julian wasn’t in the mood to joke around with Noel and instructed, “Let’s wait it out. Since we can’t find
the right one in the country, search abroad.”

He didn’t believe for a second that only the one who hypnotized Diana could release her memories.
Surely, a skilled hypnotist could do the same.

One month passed, and the hypnotists from abroad didn’t even dare to try. The moment they heard
about Diana’s condition, they refused to come.

They claimed that no one could hypnotize Diana to the point she couldn’t remember a single thing.

And so, things had come to a dead end once more.

Even Diana began suggesting having a chat with Simon.

However, she couldn’t bring herself to seduce him. Even until now, she refused to believe that Simon
was involved in

hypnotizing her.

“I did doubt and misunderstand him in the past,” she said,” but I won’t do that now.”

She thought about it and concluded that hypnotizing her brought Simon no benefits whatsoever.

To assume he had done so because he wanted her was even more ridiculous.

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