Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 935

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Diana was determined to be apart from him for a while.

“We’re not going back.”

It was difficult to change her mind once it was made. Julian knew how stubborn she could get, so he
didn’t argue with her. “What about Sean?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already explained to him about what happened at the kindergarten yesterday.”

However, it seemed Sean hadn’t completely forgiven him.

Diana told him the reason they weren’t willing to return to CoIlina Villa for the time being.

“You know, you could explain things to us beforehand. You never make yourself clear whenever you
act. We’d always find out only after the damage is done. What’s the point of apologizing after that?”

That wasn’t the wisest way of solving problems.

Feelings and emotions weren’t the only things required for a happy family. Thoughtful wisdom and
caring compromise from both parties were essential as well.

Julian’s habit of being autocratic and dictatorial had to be remedied urgently.

“Diana, I…” he started, but she cut him off.

“It’s not just the kindergarten,” she went on, “I also know

about how you tested me using Albert, who caused the death of my children.”

Julian was flabbergasted. “You remember it all?!”

Had she regained her memories even before she was released from the hypnotism?

Diana shook her head. She gave Julian an answer she prepared to avoid betraying Noel’s confidence.
“I accidentally found out through Nina.”

Realization finally dawned on Julian. He went and carried Betty out of the room and packed two sets of
clothes for her before taking her to the car.

“When are you planning to come back?” he asked.

Diana wasn’t in a rush. This time, she had to teach him a harsh lesson. She wanted him to remember
that he couldn’t be so careless and hurt them in the name of doing it for their good.

“Perhaps after I regain my memories,” she said. “About the hypnotist…”

Julian jumped in quickly. “I’ll get it done, pronto!”

Diana glared at him. “Keep your voice down. Betty’s still sleeping.”

He immediately lowered his voice. “I’ll head off first, then?”

His eyes were filled with wistful longing.

Diana, on the other hand, replied cold and heartlessly, ” Goodbye.”

With that, she kissed Betty on her forehead. Then, she turned back and headed upstairs.

Julian didn’t return to the villa.

Instead, he brought Betty to Fulcher Inc. She had changed clothes in the car before they arrived at his

After Julian was done clearing work, he brought Betty to the place he agreed to meet Vans.

Vans couldn’t help but tease, “This is a bar. Aren’t you afraid she’ll be led astray if you bring her here?”

“Led astray?” Julian laughed. “I’ll see who in Richburgh dares to lead my daughter astray.”

Vans fell silent-his words made sense.

Ultimately, Julian still cared for his daughter and refused to let her leave his embrace. “Here, have
some tea. Alcohol stinks. Don’t stink up the place for my daughter.”

Vans sneered. “I hate seeing that familial bliss on your face.”

Contrary to his spiteful words, he was considerate enough to fill up both their glasses with tea.

The private room was peaceful and quiet.

Julian had called the owner of the place before he arrived, requesting to upgrade their room and some
children-friendly facilities.

The private room was excellently prepared. It came fully equipped with a slide, swing, and ladder.

Betty couldn’t sit still in Julian’s arms, desperate to go and try them out.

“Daddy, I…play…” she said.

By right, children would experience a leap in their language abilities around the age of two.

Betty used to love talking. Although she often used the wrong words, she was fully capable of stringing
complete sentences.

But right now, what she could say was a marked improvement from before. At the very least, she was
willing to speak up and was on the road to recovery.

“Go ahead,” Julian said.

He called Noel to watch out for her in case she fell and hurt herself. In the meantime, he and Vans
continued enjoying their tea.

Julian took a few sips of his fragrant tea. Then, he put the teacup back on the table and asked Vans the
question he was there for.

“Did you see what Diana posted on her socials?”

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