Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 936

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“Diana’s socials?” Vans was stunned. “Are you talking about you wearing a dress?”

“Pfft.J” Julian spat out the tea in his mouth, a myriad of expressions crossing his face. His imposing
aura loomed over Vans.

At that moment, Vans knew he had stepped on Julian’s tail.

He was about to explain himself when Julian said, “It’s fine. You’re not the only one who saw it,

The moment he said that, the screen in the private room flickered to a photo of him wearing a dress. It
was precisely the photo Diana posted on her social media.

Vans was flabbergasted. He even forgot to swallow the tea in his mouth.

“What exactly is going on?”

“Nothing,” Julian said. “Rather than being laughed at behind my back, I’d rather be the first to mock

This was a tactic his company’s PR department often used. When you are self-derisive, others become
disinterested in talking about you.

Julian was right, but Vans’s face twisted into an awkward expression.

“Uh,” he began, “but no one aside from Diana and Nina can see what she posts on her socials…”

Now that Julian had done this, everyone knew about it!

Julian’s face flushed with anger. He roared, “Why didn’t you tell me that earlier?!”

“You didn’t ask,” Vans said indignantly. “I wanted to tell you I saw it from Nina’s phone, but you cut me

Now, it was too late to take down the photo.

Julian looked at everyone whispering and laughing to each other in the hall outside. He had a sudden
urge to dig a hole in the floor and bury himself in it.

“The great CEO of Fulcher Inc., the most powerful man in Richburgh, posted a photo of himself in a
ladies’ dress!”

Meanwhile, Kiki smashed everything she could smash in her house the moment she woke up from her
drunken stupor.

She gritted her teeth in anger. When she heard the news, her heart filled with hatred. Immediately, she
asked Simon to send her the photo.

“It’s Diana’s dress,” she said.

Diana had worn that exact same dress when the principal called both parents to the kindergarten.

“Looks like Julian went to Diana after leaving my place.”

They were such great actors.

Good enough to dupe her big time!

The thought of the foolish things she did to Julian last night made her feel so wretched, she wanted to

Kiki tried to find a reason for Julian posting the photo to the public. “Julian’s showing off how lovey-
dovey they are. That b*tch Diana definitely made him do it! She’s trying to show off to me!”

She smashed the laser TV in her house, screaming at the topof her lungs.

Even that didn’t escape her tantrum. After that, she grabbed a golf club and started hitting the TV

A look of displeasure flashed past Simon’s face as he witnessed Kiki’s crazed actions. He looked in the
direction of the room and reminded her, “Doreen’s still injured, and she hasn’t gone to school yet. You’ll
scare her.”

“She’s used to it by now,” Kiki snapped.

She went to such great lengths over the past three years, yet her love for Julian remained unrequited.
Her smashing things in the house was sure to happen every other month.

Simon didn’t say anything. He kept looking in the direction of Doreen’s room.

Doreen was curled up in a tight ball. She did look like she was used to wrapping her head with her
arms, trying her best to ignore the commotion outside.

Betty suddenly popped into Simon’s mind. At home, Betty would act as if she were at the top of the

The only person who would act like Doreen, with how she was covering her ears so fearfully and not
daring to lift her head up, was Diana. She was always measured in doting and disciplining her own

She would never be like Kiki, who wouldn’t fulfill her responsibilities as a mother after giving birth.

After smashing everything in sight, Kiki took a sip of water, sat down, and glared at him coldly. “What
are you looking at?”

Simon didn’t hide his thoughts. “Doreen.”

He paused for a moment, then added, “Julian has his reasons for not liking you.”

“Simon Channing!” Kiki screeched.

“Enough about that.” Simon didn’t want to argue with her.

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