Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 933

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“Julian Fulcher,” Diana called.

‘Yes?” “I want to eat chocolate. I have a craving for it,” she said. This was the first time over the past
few days that she spoke so pleasantly to him.

Her smile was akin to a warm spring breeze blowing across his face.

“And…?” he asked fearfully. A bad feeling rose up his chest.

“Aren’t you going to get it for me?”

She had a disappointed expression-like how she used to look when she acted all lovey-dovey with him
after they just got married.

Sweet and adorable, with an irresistible charm.

His brain stopped working for a moment, but he quickly composed himself.

“Where should I go to get it?”

‘Please don’t make me go to the convenience store downstairs,’ he pleaded inwardly.

It was precisely what he was afraid of.

“From the convenience store downstairs, the imported brand with filling inside. They’re delicious,”
Diana said. Then

she added, “Betty likes them, too.”

Julian fell silent.

He couldn’t find a reason to reject Diana, especially if it was for the sake of the two most important
ladies in his life.

“But I’m wearing a dress…”

“I don’t have any other clothes in my house,” Diana said. “I do have a T-shirt, though.”

Julian’s eyes lit up.

“But I don’t have pants.”

It sufficed as a half-skirt.

Julian fell silent once again.

‘You don’t want to go?” she prodded.

Diana saw the reluctance on his face, which turned green with disgust one moment and then dark with
displeasure in another.

“Actually,” she went on, “you look pretty good in that dress. It feels breezy in this weather, too. It’s great
for showing off your long legs. You look even better than a woman!”

But he had an Adam’s apple. His arms were muscular, too.

If he got out in this get-up, no one would say that he looked good. In fact, some might even call him a

Diana saw him standing there unmoving, and sighed. When she spoke again, her voice was dripping


“I guess you really don’t want to go. You said you love me, and that you only treated Kiki well for my
sake. But you don’t even want to buy the chocolates I’m craving. I think your love …” she sneered,
“isn’t that deep after all.”

When Julian heard Diana’s words, joy filled his heart. As it turned out, he had explained everything to
her last night.

He had too much to drink, so his memories were all in tatters.

As long as he didn’t do anything to let her down, all was good.

When he found himself lying on Betty’s bed upon waking up this morning, he was shocked.

Wasn’t it good enough that Diana wasn’t angry, and wasn’t going to ask why he was staying at their

Hit with a sudden wave of determination, he said firmly, “I’ll go.”

He’d take it as an apology to Diana for how atrociously he acted at the kindergarten.

With that, he left and came back at the speed of light. By the time he returned upstairs again, his face
was bright red.

He looked as if he had been under the sun for over an hour. His face was just like a ripened tomato.

Julian seldom had such an expression on his face.

Yet, not a word of complaint came out of him.

He offered the bag in his arms to Diana as if it were a precious jewel. “Quick, eat it. I bought a whole
bag. You can keep it in the fridge and eat it whenever you like.”

He was such a powerful and proud man, yet he didn’t get angry at all despite being teased like this.
Rather, he was behaving so cautiously around Diana and trying his best to please her.

Diana bit into a piece of chocolate he unwrapped for her. Her anger over the incident with Albert was
appeased slightly.

“Did anyone call you a pervert when you bought the chocolates?” she asked.

“No one said it out loud,” Julian said, “but I could see it through their eyes.”


Julian went on, “I told them I was doing as my wife told me. She wanted to tease me, and insisted I
wear this as I buy chocolates for her.”

He had known that she deliberately made him wear a dress. Yet, he didn’t expose her. He listened to
her and bought the chocolates as she requested. But…

Who the hell was his wife?!

She was his ex-wife!

Before she had the chance to correct him, his gaze seared through her.

Diana,” he said, “you’re smiling.

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