Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 931

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Did he have anything to do with how Diana was suddenly behaving like this?

Whatever it was, he felt like he did.

Noel immediately hopped back into the car, then slapped his mouth. Pretending not to have passed the
clothes to Diana, he stepped on the accelerator and left swiftly.

Diana headed upstairs to wash the twins up and get them ready for bed.

Then, she solemnly explained to Sean everything that Julian had done. He seemed to understand her

One thing that left the deepest impression on him was, “It’s useful for a man to look handsome.”

Diana said helplessly, “It’s not wrong to think that way, but brains are still the most important thing.”

She hoped her son wouldn’t be as slow in learning about what to say and what not to say in his
relationships, like his father, Julian. At the same time, she also wished he wouldn’t be so sensitive and

She hugged him tenderly, trying to give him as much of a sense of security as she could during his
childhood. That might help fill him with positivity.

Sean nodded. “Mommy, don’t worry. I won’t be as stupid as Daddy when I grow up.”

Stupid to the point of hurting the ones he loved in exchange for the truth. He would find a better way, so
his loved ones wouldn’t get hurt.

Diana couldn’t help lamenting, “Silly boy.”

She caressed his head, trying to remind him that he was only two and a half years old.

Based on scientific research, children’s memories before they turn three were practically non-existent.
After he grew up, he would forget how she did all she could to take care of him and Betty.

He probably wouldn’t even remember the terrible things Julian did to him at the kindergarten. It was
probably much too early for him to swear that he would one day surpass his own father.

Yet, everything they went through in these three years would be engraved in their bones and fused in
their blood, becoming the foundation of their growth and maturity.

“Mommy wishes you will become a man like that,” Diana said.

Sean nodded, but his face was cold. “Goodnight, Mommy.”

It was time for him to go to bed. Diana sent him back to his room, and took a sleepy Betty back to her

“Your daddy took your bed. You’ll have to sleep with Mommy tonight.”

Betty snuggled deeper into Diana’s embrace, like a chick seeking warmth from its mother. “Betty likes

“Good girl,” Diana said. She adored her daughter all the way to the moon.

She hugged Betty tightly, and said encouragingly, “You’re beginning to talk more and more. Will you be
able to speak even more, just like in the past? It’s fine if you use the wrong words. Mommy will tell you
what’s right.”

Betty was so tired, she kept yawning non-stop and rubbing her eyes. She nodded sleepily.

Diana wasn’t in a rush to see Betty return to her normal self. It was more important to allow Betty to
recover slowly and steadily, and ensure the events that led to her trauma would never repeat.

Very soon, the family of four was fast asleep.

Julian slept exceptionally soundly. Even after Diana sent Sean to kindergarten and made her rounds at
her studio the next morning, Julian still hadn’t woken up.

Soon, it was already noontime. The sun was shining high in the sky. Betty was having her afternoon

Diana took her time to clear up the table. She was halfway through when she heard a sound coming
from Betty’s room.

It was Julian knocking on the door.

He wasn’t wearing any clothes, and he didn’t dare come out before checking that the twins weren’t

Diana grinned at that thought. She composed herself and opened the door by a slit, her face ice-cold.

“Sean is in school, and Betty’s asleep,” she told Julian.

He sighed in relief, and pulled the door open.

Diana saw a man wrapped up in sheets. She turned around to leave, and soon returned with a new set
of clothes.

“Take this and wear it. Betty will be waking up soon.”

Julian took the clothes and looked at them. His face turned dark with displeasure.

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