Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 930

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Through her clothes, he placed his trembling hands on the scar she gained during childbirth. After so
long, he could still accurately identify its position.

“It’s been tough on you, my darling. It’s been tough on you to give birth to two darlings. It’s been so
tough on you, darling. I’m so sorry, darling.”

Diana could tell that he was heavily intoxicated.

She wanted to ask in further detail about what he meant about helping her regain her memories, but
then, she heard a soft snoring sound from him.

Very soon, however, the snores disappeared.

Even if he was drunk, he wanted to collapse next to her.

Even if he was drunk, he still wanted to retain his dignified posture.

Of course…

Suddenly, he said, “Darling, I want to sleep with you.”

Diana’s face turned black the moment she heard him.

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

To hell with sleep!

He was just lamenting how much his heart broke over the pain she suffered from childbirth and all. He
was just

cajoling her!

With the aim of…

Her face blushed as she looked at his outstanding figure from head to toe. She hurriedly laid him down
on the bed, and tucked him into the sheets.

After that, she switched the lights off.

By the time she left the room, the twins were still wide awake, just as she had expected. They were
both waiting for her at the door.

“Daddy’s asleep.”

She put her fingers over her lips as a signal for them to keep quiet. Then she walked to the window,
and looked down.

As expected, Noel was still standing downstairs. His head was tilted up, looking expectantly in the
direction of her house.

Diana headed out, and told Noel that Julian had fallen asleep. He sighed in relief, feeling glad for
Julian. “Madam, Mr. Fulcher really likes you. Aside from you, he would never sacrifice his pride and
dignity to seduce another woman.”

With that, he quickly retrieved a set of clothes he had prepared for Julian from the car. “Take this. Mr.
Fulcher can wear it tomorrow morning.”

Julian definitely wouldn’t want to keep on wearing his current clothes. He would most probably throw
them away.

Diana accepted it and thanked Noel. “It’s been tough on


Noel waved his hands profusely. “Not at all.”

Diana was about to head upstairs when Noel called out to her again. He hesitated momentarily before
telling her all about Julian calling Albert to CoIlina Villa to test her.

“My father did something bad to you before,” Noel briefly recounted the incident. “It’s only right that the
Carters treats you well to make up for it. In the future, just tell me if you need anything. Don’t be formal
with me.”

Diana was stunned to hear it.

“You mean your father had something to do with me miscarrying Aster and Star? And Julian called him
to the villa to test me and see if I was lying and really lost my memories? And he stood there watching
me serve Albert food and be hospitable to him?”

A bad feeling rose up Noel’s chest. The awkwardness he was feeling started to show on his face.
“Madam… I… My father…”

“It’s fine,” Diana said. “It has nothing to do with you.”

She could clearly see how well Noel treated her and how loyal he was to Julian. He and Layla were
excellent people.

“The debt your father owes has nothing to do with you. Don’t worry.”

She herself was a mother of two children. She knew that although parents were a great influence over
their children, they were ultimately individual entities.

Noel sighed in relief again, but something suddenly came to mind. ‘Then, Mr. Fulcher…”

Diana put on a fake smile and threw the clothes that Noel gave her into the trash can. Noel was
stunned into silence.

“Go back home,” Diana said. ‘There’ll be a way when we wake up tomorrow.”

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