Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 929

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He was also scared he wasn’t able to do anything to help her.

“This time, I managed to get the information I wanted from Kiki. I’m very glad.” Julian’s voice pulled
Diana back from that tender moment.

This man was truly capable of zooming in on what mattered to her.

He was so good at targeting her soft spots.

So good at…bewitching her.

Diana wasn’t in a rush to push him away. The image of her giving birth three years ago flashed past her

She didn’t have many memories to begin with.

Everything that happened over the past three years was crystal clear in her mind. Yet, only that day
was dark and blurry in her memories.

There was only one word that summarized what she felt that day: pain.

If she were to think deeper, fear was the next sensation she felt. It was a reverence for life, mixed with
a fear toward childbirth. It had been engraved as a core memory for her till now.

Julian’s tender voice seemed to transcend time to soothe out the pain she felt three years ago, bit by

She heard herself asking him, “What information did you fish from her?”


Her spirit was attracted to him, after all.

It was as if she was fated to belong to him for life.

No matter how outrageously he treated her, as long as he gave her an ounce offender love, she would
draw closer to him against her will.

She was the shameless, spineless and fickle-minded one!

Julian rubbed his face back and forth against her back, as if he were a spark trying to burn up an entire
forest. “Nothing much.”

He went on, “I just found out a way to regain your memories.”

He said it in a slightly smug tone-as if he was waiting for her praise.

Diana remained silent for a long time. At that moment, something in her mind seemed to click. The look
on her face alternated between anger and surprise. Her act of moving out of the villa with her twins was
truly foolish!

She was just like the furious wife who fought with her husband and returned to her mother’s home. Yet,
she eventually found out that she had no reason to be angry at all.

“You aren’t pursuing Kiki?”

Julian chuckled at her question. “Diana, you still have feelings for me. Just admit it! You want to regain
your memories so much. Yet now, between the topic of searching for your memories and whether I’m
pursuing Kiki, you chose to ask about the latter.”

His words were merciless as usual, exposing her innermost thoughts without any hesitation.

Diana blushed furiously. “Julian.”

“I’m not teasing you, darling.”

His term of endearment made his voice so damn sexy. There was a trace of seriousness and
playfulness in his hoarse voice.

Diana wanted to refute him and stop him from calling her that. Before she could do so, she heard him
say, “Darling, I really like you.”

To the point of being willing to sacrifice my pride to fish for information.

“You have no idea,” he complained. “The look of a drunk Kiki hugging an empty wine bottle, thinking it
was me, made me almost throw her out. You used to be so jealous of her. But you reconciled with me
very quickly because you knew you’re the only woman in my heart.”

His words were mushy.

Yet, Diana adored it—especially when he mentioned the past. For the first time, she felt her life
gradually becoming complete through his words.

“How did you find out that Kiki knew about my memory loss? Did you try to seduce her?”

“Yeah.” By now, the alcohol was getting to Julian’s head, and he started sounding incoherent.
“Seduction, fish for information…”

His arms tightened around Diana’s waist.

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