Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 926

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It really turned out to be hypnosis…

That coincided with Julian’s and the neurologist’s guess!

Although he received the answer that he expected, Julian didn’t feel an ounce of joy. Conversely, he
looked even more troubled.

“Why was she hypnotized? Who hypnotized her?”

He clenched his fists, wishing he could tear Kiki into pieces. She knew the truth, yet she kept lying to
him! But now, he could only control his temper and keep demanding for more answers.

‘Why exactly…did Diana leave me back then?”

What secrets lie behind what happened to him and Diana?


Kiki gave him one final look. Her face was bent high up toward him, her lips a hazy smile. She slumped
heavily back onto the table.

“Kiki Stewart!” Julian yelled.

How could she fall asleep when he hadn’t even asked the most important question?!

Julian wanted to wake her up, but Noel chose that moment to come in upon hearing the commotion.

“Mr. Fulcher.” He stopped Julian from doing what he wanted to do. “She had too much to drink and
probably won’t wake up no matter how much you call out to her.”

Unless he waited till the next day to talk to her like a normal person, after she turned sober.

But after she turned sober and realized that Julian had been putting up an act to be nice to her only as
a trap, she would surely get angry and refuse to speak.

In other words, this was all Julian could get after sacrificing so much.

He felt rather defeated. “I haven’t asked her the most important question yet.”

“We’ve already managed to confirm that Ms. Winnington leaving you and Richburgh back then had
something to do with her being hypnotized by someone. We also know that this definitely had
something to do with Kiki. That’s enough,” Noel said.

Noel reminded Julian, knowing that the latter was feeling anxious out of concern.

“Knowing now that Ms. Winnington was hypnotized by someone is akin to knowing the reason behind
her memory loss,” he went on. “If we can find an excellent hypnotist to release her from her hypnotic
state, the truth from three years ago will naturally return to Ms. Winnington.”

What did it matter whether Kiki chose to say the truth, and whether she was clear in her words?

On second thought, Julian agreed with Noel.

Although he could hold his liquor very well, he had a limit. He wasn’t thinking as clearly as Noel was.
He realized that there was no point in staying further at Kiki’s place.

‘Take me back to the villa.”

He wanted to go back and see Diana, and tell her that she lost her memories because she was

“Launch a search for outstanding hypnotists in the world, and bring them to me as soon as possible.”

“The second is easy, sir,” Noel said, “but are you sure you want to go back to the villa?”

Julian had already stepped out when he heard Noel. He paused for a moment. “What do you mean by

Noel informed him about Diana and the twins moving out of the villa.

At that moment, Julian instantly woke up from his drunken haze.

He didn’t expect them to be so angry about what happened at the kindergarten today.

He finally achieved some progress in his investigation. He went to such great lengths just to help Diana
find her memories back and make her happy. He didn’t want to be separated from them.

His heart burned with anxiety.

“Quick! Take me to the place she moved to right now!”

Noel didn’t dare delay and sped to where Diana was. He drove at such a high speed that Julian felt

The moment Julian got out of the car, he ran to a tree and vomited everything in his stomach.

There was no way he could keep the clothes he was wearing.

He smelled terrible, to boot.

This was torture for a clean freak like him.

But now, he looked up at Diana’s room that was still lit. He wasn’t in a panic for Noel to grab some new
clothes for him. Instead, he took off his shirt and headed up the stairs.

Knock, knock.

“Mommy, someone’s at the door.”

Sean’s guard was up. The moment he heard a commotion outside, he moved a stool to the door and
looked out from the peephole.

The kindergarten principal reminded her to guide Sean in his everyday habits, and Diana didn’t dare to
be careless. She quickly told Sean that stepping on the stool like that wasn’t safe and that he shouldn’t
do that again in the future.

Tomorrow, she would ask Oliver if he could install a surveillance camera at the door and sync it to her
phone. Then, they could spot suspicious movements outside the door.

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