Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 927

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Sean said yes, but he couldn’t hold back his curiosity. “The person is knocking very hard on the door.”

Diana carried him up, and put him down on the floor before getting up to take a look.

“Darlings, quick, open the door. It’s Daddy.



Silence ensued in the house the moment they heard the voice.

Diana was shocked.

Through the peephole, she could see Julian standing outside the door, topless. Although it was
summer, it was unbelievable that someone like him would leave the house without a shirt on.

What’s more, people along the corridor were already staring at him in surprise.

Julian didn’t feel awkward, and he even began introducing himself. “I’m the husband of the lady in the
house. My wife and children are all staying here.”

Diana hurriedly opened the door, and pulled him in.

A sly smile flashed past his eyes. The moment he lifted his head, he rushed to the washroom without
even opening his eyes. Before Diana could react, he was already done bathing and washing himself
up, and had made himself comfortable in Betty’s bed.

Betty rushed out from the study when she heard the commotion. “Daddy!”

Her voice was shrill with joy, clearly happy to see Julian.

She adored her daddy, and had been looking forward to him bringing them back home. Diana, who
couldn’t call Julian earlier, could only let Betty wait in her room first while letting Sean, who was angry
over Julian’s arrival, wait in the living room.

She stayed in the room that Julian was in, and closed the door. After with a click. She did that to stop
Betty from suddenly coming in, and witnessing them fighting.

The smell of alcohol on his body choked her. She sensed that the moment he entered the house.

However, the smell dissipated when he came out of the washroom.

She even went to check the washroom before entering the room. He cleaned up the washroom very
thoroughly after his bath. Even the toilet and the wash basin were dry and clean. This proved
something to Diana.

‘You’re not that drunk.”

Diana stood by the bedside, pulling his arms, trying to get him out of the bed.

Julian was very cooperative.

His eyes immediately opened, and he got out of bed as Diana pulled him.



Diana released her hand.

Julian collapsed back onto the bed once more.

“Where are your clothes?” she asked.

“I took a bath,” Julian said indignantly like a mistreated victim, his eyes bloodshot. “I could only find one
towel in the washroom.”

Previously, when he fixed the toilet in the villa for Diana, he paid attention to where she kept her towels
in the washroom.

As he had expected, she habitually kept the towels on the rack above the toilet bowl. The towels with
cartoons on them belonged to the twins. Diana’s one was plain.

Since Diana was his woman, whatever was hers was his too. Julian took it for granted that he could
use her towel.

However, Diana didn’t think so. Her face burned red when she saw the towel Julian left on the floor
after his bath.

‘You’re shameless!” she snarled.

He pulled her arm and decided to go all out, emulating how shameless Kiki behaved toward him after
she got drunk.

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