Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 925

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With that, she lifted his “hand” and kissed it wildly.

Julian’s face was filled with disdain and disgust as he watched from the side. However, he didn’t stop

She was slobbering all over his “hand” when it moved away and crashed on the floor, smashing into

Kiki had kissed an empty wine bottle. Even so, she remained deep in her stupor.

Admiration filled her eyes as she cried out loud while kneeling on the floor, trying to pick up all the
pieces of the smashed glass bottle.

“Mr. Fulcher, Julian Fulcher! I love you! I love you!”

She wanted to put the glass shards in her mouth!

It was about time.

Julian finally stopped her from her crazy behavior.

He grabbed her arm and pressed her down on a chair. His arms supported both sides of the table as
he looked down at her. “Kiki, that is a smashed wine bottle and not me. Be careful. I’m worried that
you’ll injure yourself.”

Kiki immediately covered her mouth with her hands and buried her head in his chest.

Just as Julian thought that she had fallen asleep and that all his efforts had gone to waste, she
suddenly lifted her head

high up and said, “You’re so good to me, doting on me so much. You…you don’t want…me

Suddenly, she began puking out everything. Thankfully, Julian managed to avoid getting vomit on

He handed her a glass of water, but she refused to take it. She sprawled over the table, all out of
energy, as she looked hazily at him.

He sat down and looked straight at her.

Her vomit on the floor smelled nasty, and Julian tried almost on the verge of pinching his nose. “Kiki,
can you hear what I’m saying?”

“Yes! Of course, I can!”

She immediately sat up, and looked brightly at Julian.

But very soon, she sprawled back on the table, unable to fight against her drunken stupor.

Now was the best time for Julian to interrogate her.


“What you told me three years ago about Diana losing her memories wasn’t the truth, was it?”

Kiki nodded. She clearly treated Julian as an insider. “Yeah!”

Julian’s heart leapt, unable to hold himself back from his raging emotions as he pursued further,
“What’s the truth, then?”

“What’s the truth?” Kiki repeated his words.

Julian asked a few more questions, but her responses were all vague and sporadic. The high
concentration of alcohol in her blood was making her confused and disoriented. If this went on, she
would fall asleep in no time.

If that happened, Julian wouldn’t be able to find anything out.

Julian pondered for a moment, before changing track. “Kiki, why did Diana leave me?”

He didn’t expect Kiki to suddenly look up. Her eyes lit up, and she grabbed him tightly.

Oh, no.

Julian thought she had woken up from her stupor.

Everything he had done tonight was in vain.

At the next moment, Kiki suddenly burst out laughing, as if she felt proud about something. It felt as if
she was showing off to him.

She yelled out loud, ‘You don’t know, do you?”

Julian pursed his lips, and said indignantly, “I don’t…”

“Don’t panic!” Kiki’s heart ached upon seeing the look on his face. Despite her splitting headache,
which made her cover her head, she said through gritted teeth, “I… I’ll tell you! I know!”

Julian leaned closer to her. She was on the verge of revealing to him the truth.

He pursued anxiously, “What do you know?”

“Hyp…hypnosis!” Kiki smacked the table with her hands, getting all excited about the loving look she
saw on Julian’s face. “It’s hypnosis!”

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