Novel Name : The Lady's Petals are Wet

The Lady's Petals are Wet - Chapter 2

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Agnes looked up at the High Priest, who was spraying his semen inside her for the seventh time.
His face was as noble as an angel, but Agnes knew he showed no mercy.
Agnes’s eyes were dropping because of the constant love affair, and saliva was dribbling from her swollen lips.
‘How many times can you do it?’
Obviously, it was not such a story unfolding. After finishing the eruption, the high priest removed his shaft.
“Now this seems enough.”
Agnes was dumbfounded.
He was obsessed with caressing and cleansing until she almost fainted, and then he talked calmly.
Suddenly Agnes wanted to see those emotionless blue eyes filled with embarrassment.
“Wait a minute High Priest.”
Agnes deliberately spread her legs wide open to the high priest.
Milky semen was still flowing from her fluttering pussy.
“I… haven’t been purified yet.”
At the thought of embarrassing the High Priest, Agnes forgot her shame for a moment.
Agnes was overwhelmed by his calm appearance that he was able to keep.
Anyway, there was no way he had the power to do it again. Agnes deliberately made an innocent look and provoked him to the fullest.
“…I see.”
The High Priest smiled, sticking his finger in Agnes’s bare-looking hole.
It was a very holy smile, but his actions were not.
Agnes thought it wasn’t that he was scattering his fingers around the fluttering interior, but it was already late.
“Then, I have to cleanse you properly.”
Agnes was astonished at the hard object that dug inside her again.
She forgot that the high priest is a crazy man.
Agnes’s regret and pleasure flooded her at the same time as the movement of the high priest’s cock was so harsh that it could not be compared to the previous times.
“Oh! Aang! Aang….”
“Miss. Agnes… you’re a born saint.”
Agnes’s body got even hotter as the beautiful voice that tickled her ears.
Agnes felt as if she was going to go mad if they did anything more.
Her body became extremely sensitive and Agnes couldn’t wake up because of the accumulated pleasure.
The High Priest was not tired even though he just came, he moved his waist back and forth violently.
“Huh… that, stop…”
“It’s you, Agnes, who asked me to cleanse you properly. Get your dick straight.”
Instead, he spit out vulgar words casually and pulled out his cock which was travelling back and forth inside.
The High Priest’s crown was soaked with love liquid and brought the greasy penis in front of Agnes’s face.
“I will purify you thoroughly. Open up.”
“What are you… blah!
Agnes opened her eyes wide as he squeezed his shaft in her mouth.
She had no strength to refuse because of the intense love making. Agnes could feel the unfamiliar touch and taste that filled my mouth.
Agnes thought for a moment, it was her first time receiving a penis with her mouth, but she knew exactly what to do.
“Um… Umm…”
As she gently caressed his penis with her tongue and sucked to the middle, the priest groaned low as if he was embarrassed.
Agnes, satisfied with the embarrassment of the High Priest, opened her eyes wide and looked up at him with his manhood inside her mouth.
I heard there’s no man who doesn’t cum over this.
‘It’s going to be hard to do this for a long time.’
Agnes smiled with a strange sense of victory.
But her victory didn’t last long.
The high priest grasped Agnes’ hair tightly and began to shove himself deep into her mouth.
“Curl! Big! Big!…”
Semen flooded from the high priest’s penis that reached Agnes’s neck, it went beyond filling the mouth, and went down the esophagus to become sticky.
Agnes coughed painfully at the fishy and sweet taste.
“Now… I think you’re done all the cleansing. So, shall we prepare to meet His Majesty?”
After cumming, the high priest reached for Agnes’s filled pussy, who was struggling to breathe.
He gently swirled the swollen petals and the most sensitive clitoris with his fingertips. He said,
“I can’t let you meet His Majesty the Emperor with such a frivolous pussy. You’re a saint”
Agnes was horrified at the appearance of the high priest who spoke kindly.
He was clearly far more crazy than in the novel.
There wasn’t a whole crazy guy who put it all over.
Before This, Agnes thought no one would have had more crazy ideas than herself who was looking for a more intense novel.
However, Aaron, the high-ranking sex trainer in the novel, was also a tough guy.
As he moved his waist violently, his expression did not change, and he did not take off any piece of his uniform.
Agnes had no choice but to be helpless in the hand of a high priest who skillfully touched her most sensitive places.
“Ah… ah…”
The high priest was holding hands and praying to God.
Agnes was even more appalled by the face of the beautiful high priest that glowed softly.
The appearance of the praying High Priest seemed divine, but she knew the reason for this prayer.
He was clearly maximizing his divine power to write recovery spells.
After finishing the prayer, the high priest reached for Agnes’s hole.
Agnes was thrilled with the divine power that could not be compared to before.
“Ah! Ah!”
A dazzling white light emanated from the hand of the high priest.
She cried solemnly, bringing his hand overflowing with divine power into the fluttering vagina.
“High Priest!”
Agnes’s mind went blank with an overwhelming sense of pleasure as soon as the tender flesh below recovered.
At the same time, the tender flesh of the genitals recovered and returned to the original state of purity.
Agnes swears deeply as the petals that had been opened by the high priest’s manhood were firmly closed again.
‘This crazy bastard!’
The high priest was a lunatic.
To restore some kind of virginity, using the highest healing spell High Priest twice in a row! It was good money even when I turned around.
In the novel with the opening scene of the development, the High Priest was a barrist who violated Agnes heartily and renewed her virginity with a recovery spell every day.
He was the one who restored Agnes’ virginity because he never wanted to fuck again unless she was a virgin and the saint should be pure.
Anyway, the hymen is, to be precise, just vaginal muscles, but this madman was obsessed with virginity.
He’s such a lunatic that he’s never had another woman more than twice except Agnes.
It was questionable why he did so in succession unlike the novel, but Agnes could not continue to think.
“The ritual of purification has been completed safely. Then… I will start education now.”
At the words of the high priest, Agnes was embarrassed.
Obviously, after committing it once, he would have to recover it and then send it to the emperor, but this madman seemed to have no intention of letting go.
Although it was not the same as the series of events, education began only after Agnes was fully fooled by the High Priest, the Emperor, and the Magician/ Wizard.
“Yes, I will educate you to do your duty as a saint.”
“I’m still not ready…”
Agnes deliberately squeezed her tears and made her look as pitiful as possible.
This crazy guy! Although he was a crazy guy, the High Priest in the novel took time to train her slowly, fearing that Agnes’s mind would collapse immediately.
But I can’t believe we’re starting right away. Something’s wrong. Her wrists, struggling to get off, were gently wrapped around his hands.
“No. Agnes is definitely ready.”
In the moment of the High Priest’s educated tone and determined gaze, Agnes almost felt the illusion of receiving a truly sacred education.
But the education he refers to is definitely…
“Then I’ll start.”
“Now, wait a minute!”
No, I can’t believe it.
What the… Agnes saw the handcuffs on her hand.
He was so skillful and quick that there was no time to escape.
This was definitely not a skill Agnes had done once or twice.
Agnes stared absurdly at the silver handcuffs that were fastened on one of her wrists.
“….What is this?”
“Agnes, to help bring out your sacredness.”
As if he was doing what he had to do, the high priest’s hand was unobstructed and he was very confident.
He handcuffed her wrists behind her back so that Agnes could not use her arms.
Agnes, with her hands cuffed and kneeling, looked up at the high priest.
He was a smiling blonde and was beautiful enough to be fascinated for a moment.
It seemed that I was going to be sucked into those blue eyes between the long golden lashes.
With an elegant movement, he reached out and gently stroked Agnes’s hair.
While gently stroking her head, High Priest suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled it close.
Agnes was embarrassed by his sudden action.
If it’s instinctively, isn’t it that you don’t have to be embarrassed to know the future!
It was a completely different development from what she knew.
The High Priestess took Agnes’s handcuffed lips to his penis.
“First of all… I will educate you so that you can receive the magical power of His Majesty with your mouth.”
“Uh… what…”
“It was pretty good, but… that’s not enough.”
Agnes tried to reject it, but all she could do was shake her head and hit the iron with her handcuffed wrist.
‘Why are you doing this already! crazy!’
Agnes regretted trying to run away after enjoying it moderately.
This holy pervert had no intention of ending at all.
End of Chapter 002
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