Novel Name : The Lady's Petals are Wet

The Lady's Petals are Wet - Chapter 1

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I honestly think I’m doomed, I know I asked you to let me have a lot of fun with handsome guys, but Agnes?
Because of her divine nature, Agnes was to be depraved when she was chosen as the saint by the great temple of the Empire.
As the excuse of teaching her, the emperor comes to her every day, every time she tries to train herself, and a magician comes to her every night and torments her with all kinds of bizarre magic.
She cried out for being in the possessed body of Agnes the Saint. It was fun when it was other people’s business, but it was really difficult when it became my own problem. It was so regrettable that she wanted to escape from the past.
“What’s the matter with you? We don’t have time for this! Today is the Saint-Selection Ceremony, Ms. Agnes!”
In Marie’s words, she now knows that today is the day when Agnes was chosen to be the saint. According to the story, today… It would have been the day Agnes lost her virginity by the High Priest. Damn it. I had to get out of here. She shook off Marie’s arm and hurried towards the door.
“Where are you going in such a hurry, Agnes?”
A blonde man appeared, stopping her from leaving after she kicked the door open. Noble and elegant pace, remarkable blonde hair and blue eyes. At first glance, she was sure he was a noble. The man was truly so beautiful that she couldn’t help but imagine a halo above his head… It was no other than Aaron, the High Priest.
The High Priest, whose appearance was more dazzling than the illustrations in the novel, created a sacred atmosphere that one could bow one’s head to reverence. Dressed in a pure white uniform, he looked so sacred that she, who knew the truth about him, was instantly deceived.
‘Nobody would know that the High Priest with such an appearance possesses madness underneath’
Clicking her tongue, Agnes shook her head. She had to get out of this place. With a slight bow, Agnes then said,
“High Priest, I don’t think I’m ready to be a saint…“
“Agnes, are you trying to tell me you’re not going to be a saint? Well… it’s too late for that.”
The High Priest calmly answered in an elegant voice. Several sturdy priests then came out behind him and grabbed both of Agnes’ slender arms.
It was a mistake to get out through the door. It seemed impossible to get away from here. Agnes bit her lips.
Damn it. What am I supposed to do now? At this rate, it was clear that she would be violated by the High Priest after the ceremony.
“It’s already getting late, so please follow me.”
The High Priest smiled and began to take the lead. His smile was so bright that Agnes unwittingly opened her mouth and admired his appearance.
The beauty of the handsome man from the novel was out of this world. Well, it wasn’t her original world anyway.
Agnes stood still in the square in front of the temple, caught by the priests on both sides. There were already a number of young women who had just passed adulthood, preparing for priesthood. All of them were candidates for Saints just like each other.
Agnes, who was trying to figure out how to run away, had a nervous smile on her face. She already knew everything. Even if she couldn’t run away, it would’ve been enough if she doesn’t become the saint.
‘Oh, it’s a little disappointing though….’
Agnes had a hard time trying to gain view of the high priest, who had a noble lineage. As a high-ranking priest, he was thoroughly perverted in his position, but it was said that his skill in the sheets was great. It was enough to quickly corrupt Agnes, the pure virgin.
Besides, when can she ever play in bed with such a handsome man? Agnes was in trouble while biting her lower lip at the view of the high noble priest. However, if she became a saint according to the contents of the novel, she was going to be bedded over and over again.
Finally, her turn came. She now to make a decision.
The process of selecting a saint was a simple system. When a person is able to purify turbid water with her divine power, she is held as the saint.
She had all the memories of Agnes, and it was not a problem to purify this amount of water to herself. She remembered exactly the contents in the novel. Looking at the long murky water in the sparkling silver bowl, Agnes pondered.
‘But…. no, no. I’m not going to be a saint.’
Agnes, who had hesitated for a long time, turned around, only pretending to dip her hands in the turbid water and waited for a moment. There was no chance that she would become the saint if she did not purify the water.
She immediately went away and did not see the tip of the hand of the High Priest slightly touching the bowl.
After all the candidates’ turn, the High Priest called out the name of the person who was chosen as the Saint.
“…Agnes! You have been selected as a noble saint.”
Everyone who watched began to cheer. Everyone enthusiastically celebrated the birth of the 17th Saint in the history of the empire.
She is now labeled as the Saint who was a symbol of peace to the empire.
With everyone’s cheers and congratulations, Agnes’ face distorted. She certainly did not use divine power at all. However, the water contained in her silver bowl was definitely clear and had a slight glow to it.
‘Damn it! I’m screwed….’
Agnes cursed in her heart. The High Priest had definitely covered the truth. It was the beginning of her life as the Saint and being a slave.
As people know, it was the Saint who kept the peace of the empire. The problem was not the sanctity, but the body.
The peace was maintained for a long time, even though the empire had equal powers and was thoroughly separated from each other by politics, religion and magic all had equal powers.
The way they kept the peace was to share the saint with each other. Of course, this meant the saint’s body.
“Follow me.”
The High Priest extended his hand gracefully to Agnes, who was lost in thought, in a reverent way. Agnes held his hand lightly because she could not run away from this place where everyone was watching.
According to the story, Agnes was now going to be completely humiliated for following the High Priest in a naive way.
“Ms. Agnes, do you know what your duty as a saint is?”
“Of course… I know.”
Along the main hall as she answered his question, they had already arrived at a secret place in the basement of the temple.
Since I became Agnes, I decided to enjoy it as much as I wished. Even if I didn’t want to be a saint, I would’ve become one anyway. I knew all the contents of the novel anyway, so I could run away whenever I wanted to stop.
In addition, she was unable to escape because she lacked strength and divine power. If you can’t avoid it, you can just enjoy it. Agnes looked straight into the High Priest’s blue eyes.
“Do you also know that when you become the saint…..there will be a purification ritual for you?”
“Yes, I know, I’m ready.”
As she answered happily, Agnes seemed to be warming up in anticipation. In fear and strange anticipation, she scattered closely to the high priest.
With a willing answer, Agnes seemed to heat up in anticipation. With fear and strange expectations, her response threw the High Priest off.
He became the youngest high priest with his innate divine power and had a body as solid as a knight. I wanted to see the body under the white high priest’s uniform. Of course, that would be difficult for a High Priest, — a perfectionist close to obsessiveness.
In response to his answer, the High Priest seemed to be embarrassed for a moment. Agnes laughed inwardly, enjoying the appearance of the High Priest, but he soon grabbed her face with accustomed gestures.
“… you’re not embarrassed at all”
“Yes? Oh… Will the high priest do something bad to me? I trust you.”
Perhaps because of her relaxed attitude, the High Priest’s brows rose as if surprised. Agnes nevertheless decided to play the ‘innocent Agnes’ of the original story. It would be better not to act in such a different way as to give rise to unnecessary suspicion.
“Then… there’s nothing more to hesitate about.“
The High Priest’s hand slipped down the neckline and grabbed the dress that was over her shoulder.
When the simple design of the pure white dress came off, Agnes’ naked body was revealed. As described in the novel, Agnes’s naked body was perfect, from the beautifully rising chest to the dazzling white skin, to the narrow waist, and the pelvis with an elegant curve.
Agnes, admiring herself at her body, raised her head in astonished at the splash of cold water.
“We shall first cleanse your body with holy water.”
The High Priest’s face was piousness itself, as if what he was about to do were a purification ritual. Even Agnes, who already knew his true nature, gave her an illusion for a moment.
The High Priest soaked Agnes’ body with clear holy water. Then, he held the holy water in his mouth in a calm manner and opened Agnes’ mouth. As the tongue of the High Priest swirled round her tongue, clear holy water began to flow over her neck.
I can’t believe I’ve actually experienced a scene you only really sees in novels! Ah, her heart was pounding and She couldn’t stand the feeling.
Moreover, her tongue seemed to melt into the sweet sensation of how good the High Priest kissed her.
Kissing each other, he didn’t forget to caress Agnes’ breast gently. Increasingly, He brought his hand to the center of his chest and then slowly came to touch her pink nipples, which made Agnes feel more anxious. Even so, the face of the noble priest was not disturbed at all.
“Ha…high priest…”
“There are still many places to cleanse.”
As he inhaled the sweet scent of her body, the High Priest looked at her blankly. With that expression on his face, his hands did not stop. One hand stimulated her nipples, while the other dug between her legs. A smooth finger pierced into the soft trough.
“Oh! Ah….”
The High Priest inserted a finger into the hole between her petals. Clear liquid gushed out. The feeling made Agnes’ ecstatic as if there’s an electric current from his finger whenever it touched her. Perhaps it was because of his concentrated divine power flowing from within.
Using divine power in these places, she couldn’t believe it. When she was reading the novel, she thought he was crazy, but when she got to experience it, she felt thrilled. With how her body felt, it made her dizzy .
Reading the novel, she felt frustrated by how idle the heroine was, but when she was forced to do so, she had no choice but to be tossed about by the skills of this man.
The High Priest, who was fingering her with such an obscene sound, then showed Agnes his hand covered with her sticky liquid.
“Now you are ready for a full-fledged purification ritual.”
“Hah… ah…”
Agnes was already orgasming and couldn’t even utter a proper reply. When she read the priest playing around with Agnes in the novel but maintaining his poker face to the end, he was the one who became more excited by the added sense of immorality. The backside of the High Priest was more exciting.
As She pushed out a moan. The High Priest, who looked at her, held his penis.
“Now I’ll start the ceremony.”
Agnes’ gaze was distracted by the massive rod in front of her. She gulped down a lump in her throat. It’s finally started.
Slowly, he rubbed his cock over her already wet petals. The slow rubbing made her numb.
The divine power was concentrated there as well, and the body trembled with a thrilling sensation whenever something of the High Priest touched the tender flesh.
“Hah… ah…”
“Oh….You look very used to this. It would be troublesome if your body is not pure….”
The Daisies’ crown satisfactorily stroked Agnes’ pink petals that were still looking wet.
He stroked her wet still-closed pink petals with satisfaction.
“Seeing it’s pink… It seems like it’s the first time.”
‘….What did you say? It has nothing to do with that….’
Agnes was stunned by the high priest’s unreliable words. What nonsense are you talking about?
“Ahh! Out….”
Soon enough, Agnes’ went blank by the sudden invasion between her legs. The angry rod from the High Priest was stabbing inside her. Loosening her insides and red blood was flowing out.
“Ahhh… ahhh…”
Agnes felt pain for a while at the object of the High Priest filled inside of her, but the pain soon subsided perhaps because of his divine power within.
When the pain disappeared, warmth started to spread from below and a strange sensation struck her body.
“I’m sure to see this red blood.”
“Huh… What….”
The High Priest ade an irresistible bullshit and meticulously checked Agnes’s bleeding petals. Agnes’s feelings of embarrassment poured into her as he opened her secret areas where his thing was embedded.
“S-stop looking…:
She was ashamed to admit but she wanted him to move. How much did she imagine this scene before she possessed as Agnes?
Getting to experience this, she realized that the High Priest’s cock was bigger than what she had imagined. It was tightly filling her inside. Intense pleasure rushed through. She was looking forward to how much more stimulating it would be if he would move.
‘I’ll enjoy what started anyway!’
Agnes herself in the novel did not understand. But for her, What’s so terrible about being surrounded by handsome guys!
At this moment, She was more confident. It was Agnes, who had a terrible ending due to her body deterioration and her mind getting exhausted, but she knew everything about the future, so she could develop her strength when appropriate and run away. Rather, if I had not become a saint, I would have regretted it.
“Huh… ah… come on…”
“You already know how to tighten… The emperor will be happy.”
Agnes inadvertently tightened her honeypot which surprised the High Priest. Deciding not to wait any longer, he started to move his shaft.
“Ah! Ah! Ah…”
His hard rod began to reciprocate, scratching the wet petals from underneath. He thrusted deeply in and out, driving Agnes wild, while his hand flicked her swollen clitoris.
He knew precisely where to touch a woman. Agnes was distracted by his strong plunge and the way he stimulates her by his touch. It was nothing compared to what she had imagined while reading the novel.
On top of that, the appearance of the High Priest wearing the pure white priest’s uniform and only showing his shaft was strangely sexy.
Not until now, she didn’t know it was such a lewd thing to be touched by a man in a holy priest’s clothing. A suppressed groan escaped from Agnes’ mouth.
“Ah! Ah… ah!”
End of Chapter 001
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