Novel Name : The Lady's Petals are Wet

The Lady's Petals are Wet - Chapter 0

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“Haa… when will the erotic scene happen?“
Having not been able to sleep late at night again today, I was lying in bed reading an erotic novel
I was reading in a dark room with the brightness of the phone as low as possible.
Looking forward to the next scene I quickly swiped to the next page, but the scene I desired did not happen.
St. Agnes (Saint Agnes), the female protagonist, who had already experienced s*x, kept acting innocently as if she didn’t know anything about it while taking her time.
“Oh, come on! How stuffy!”
If I had such a handsome man, I would enjoy him as much as I can! Out of frustration, I threw my phone away and covered myself with a blanket.
Since I had work tomorrow, I had to go to bed.
It hasn’t been long since I fell asleep, but the alarm is ringing already.
Cursing Monday morning, I hurried to get ready for work.
Sadly, I was always sleep deprived at night resulting in me feeling groggy every morning.
After wearing a blouse and skirt and finishing my makeup and doing my hair, I ran out to catch the bus.
Time was always running out even if I woke up early because I didn’t want to go to work.
“Damn you… Monday morning!”
I mumbled in the bus as I rode it.
I really don’t want to go to work.
It’s a life of being exhausted from working overtime every day and on weekends, falling asleep, and satisfying myself with a novel.
I sincerely really wished.
I’m done with this life, and in my next life, I want to f*ck a handsome man!
“…Is that your wish?”
Suddenly, the voice of an unfamiliar man was heard and my surroundings became dark.
As my consciousness faded, I lost my thought.
A silver-haired man sitting languidly while leaning on a white marble chair said:
“As the 1000th wish, your wish has been accepted.”
“What? I beg your pardon?”
He grinned at me and said with a clear voice.
“That you wish you could fuck a handsome man… I’ll grant it.”
“…What? Hold on!”
What do you mean handsome man? I was dumbfounded and tried to ask him, but I couldn’t because someone shook my body.
“Wake up!”
That’s right.
It must be another dream.
A silly dream created by my frustration.
“Miss Agnes! Get up!”
Agnes? I’m definitely on my way to work… Suddenly, Agnes’s memories came into my mind.
No, what… is this nonsense?
I jumped up from the spot in bewilderment.
The scenery of a strange yet colorful room and a freckled-face person, who was looking at me anxiously came into my view.
Apparently, she was Marie, Agnes’ exclusive maid, in the novel [The Fallen Saint, Agnes].
I am Agnes! No matter how hard I pinched my cheek, this was a reality, not a dream.
“Ahhhhhh! Damn it!”
Marie seemed terrified at the sight of me screaming as I grabbed my hair, but that wasn’t important.
Crazy deity! He didn’t even listen to my wishes in the first place, but granted me an empty wish!
I am ruined.
Agnes, the heroine of [The Fallen Saint, Agnes], is a saint who was good with her words and a slave to the imperial powers.
I cried out with the voice of Agnes.
“When did I ask you to make me possess Agnes!”
End of Prologue
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