Novel Name : Earn Money and Level Up!

Earn Money and Level Up! - Chapter 1

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A world-class virtual reality game with hundreds and millions of players.
Paradise Seeker.
I was one of the many dark gamers.
The most important thing for a dark gamer is money but you can’t make a lot of money from fighting.
That’s my conclusion.
How do I know?
Because I am a regressor.
My one-room apartment was in such an impoverished position that I had to squeeze through a cramped alley to get home.
On the way, a piece of cement from the construction area nearby fell on my head, and when I opened my eyes, I was brought back to three years ago.
What just happened?
Well, that doesn’t matter.
What’s important is that I have memories of three years into the future.
Only results are important in this world.
The ‘why’ and ‘how’ does not matter.
And I’ve decided.
In this life, I will bet my life on Paradise Seeker.
Harang sat in his room, deeply burrowed in thought.
‘I need to make the most out of my three years worth of memories.’
My future failures need to be corrected from the very beginning.
Thus, I need to analyze the cause of my failures before my reincarnation.
After a few minutes of pondering, Harang dismissed it with a sentence.
‘Because I chose combat. That’s why I failed.’
The reason for Harang’s thinking was simple.
‘Just like during warfare. There are countless opportunities, but what we earn counterbalances what we consume.’
Harang gave an example.
‘You can’t make money even if you catch monsters and get good items.’
Suppose a Ranker Warrior got a legendary sword worth 100 million.
But will that Ranker Warrior sell that sword?
No one does that!
Harang himself wouldn’t do it either.
The reason was simple.
‘To not be left behind.’
If a ranker gets a sword worth 100 million, he must use it on himself.
And what if you earn a sword worth 200 million while using the original sword? Shouldn’t you just sell 100 million and take the money?
You should sell the sword worth 100 million, but you shouldn’t exchange it for money yet because you need to sell the sword worth 200 million and buy an even better sword.
Only then can you ‘maintain’ your ranking.
All rankers have an obsession— to make sure their ranking never gets pushed back.
Casual users often consider it pathetic, but it’s true.
It was not uncommon for hundreds of billions of dollars to be pushed into real estate.
‘The key to success for combatants was to spend money. Endlessly.’
This revelation was from Harang’s actual experience.
The reasoning of the world was simple if only you change your viewpoint a little.
If there are people who use goods, then there are people who make money.
When the army uses guns and bullets, who makes money?
The answer is obvious.
‘A weapon company.’
Users divided the Paradise Seeker’s job groups into two major categories.
‘Combat jobs’ and ‘Production jobs’.
Harang saw it differently.
‘Consumer’ and ‘Production’.
Consuming goods and producing goods.
It is self-evident which of the two makes money.
‘In this life, I’ll focus on the production sector.’
But of course, at the top of the ranks, the story is a little different.
Harang decided.
There was another job he had in mind.
‘How should he get that job?’
He checked his bank balance.
30,000,000 won.
Foremost, he had to correct one of the first mistakes he made in the past.
‘I used to go to the capsule room because I thought it was a waste of money to buy virtual reality capsules.’
However, the value of attending a capsule room for 3 years has largely exceeded the cost of one capsule.
Having decided, it was time to move. Harang immediately got up and headed for the capsule shop.
—At the Capsule Shop—
“13 million won. Payment has been made.”
The entry-level virtual reality capsule cost 12.5 million won, and another 500,000 won was used for immediate delivery and installation.
Usually, it would take 2-3 days without extra payment.
Harang didn’t regret his actions.
‘Because those 2-3 days are worth 50 million won.’
As Harang meticulously calculated the opportunity cost, he wrote a contract and left the capsule shop.
While installers installed capsules in the room, Harang cleared the shelves of a convenience store, buying large amounts of instant noodles.
‘I’ll seclude myself in my room at least for a week.’
Of course, he would also exercise from time to time.
‘My second mistake is that I was playing games and working at the same time, and as a result, nothing got done.’
But now, I’m willing to bet my life on the game.
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