Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 922

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Sean had undergone a strict interview before he could join the kindergarten. Now that Kiki wanted to be
together with Julian, what about Doreen’s biological father?

Diana wanted to make things clear. “Why don’t I see

Doreen’s father today?”

The principal smiled at Diana’s question. She saw through Diana’s intentions immediately.

“Doreen was an exception we allowed.”

Diana’s eyes widened. “Oh?”

“But it wasn’t for the sake of money,” the principal went on.” Every single child in this kindergarten
comes from rich families. Money doesn’t work at our center.”

That made Diana even more curious. “Then, Doreen…”

“Her grandfather agreed to provide free consultation for all the children in our kindergarten if we
allowed her to attend our kindergarten,” the principal said.

Shiloh’s skills were way beyond minor ailments and common illnesses.

“If any of our children contracted complicated diseases or illnesses, they’d have a greater chance of
survival with him around.”

Little lives were precious. The principal couldn’t reject his offer-she didn’t want to, either.

Diana asked curiously, “Is Doreen’s grandfather very skilled?”

The principal shook her head. “Not just skilled. He’s topnotch, one of the greatest doctors in the

Top-notch, greatest doctor…

Diana kept in mind the words the principal used to moment she left the principal’s office. Her search
garnered a bunch of results.

She slowly read through the articles and webpages.

Admiration and respect for this great doctor grew in her heart.

She had no idea how such a compassionate and respectable man like him could end up with a
daughter like Kiki…

Subconsciously, an inexplicable animosity toward

It was as if there was a grudge between them.

Perhaps it was because of Kiki and Doreen.

Diana shook his head, pushing away the strange thought that popped into her mind. She hurriedly went
to look for Sean, and brought him out of the sickbay.

“Mommy!” Sean wrapped his arms around Diana’s neck, and laid his head wearily on her shoulder.

Diana nodded, still immersed in the shock Shiloh’s name caused her. She asked her son tenderly,
“What’s the matter?”

“Daddy already brought Doreen and her mommy back to their home. Is he…not even going to go

“I’ve already made it clear that we don’t want him anymore.”

Diana didn’t expect Julian to simply ignore Sean, and take that mother-daughter pair away right after
leaving the Principal’s office.

She took a deep breath, suppressing the displeasure in her She paused for a moment. “Let’s move out,
shall we?”

In her opinion, Julian didn’t seem to care much for the twins.

Rather than letting Julian chase them away, Diana would leave of her own accord.

Sean’s chin bumped up and down her shoulders as she walked. She could feel him nod his head ever
so slightly as he said firmly, “Okay.”

Meanwhile, Julian followed Kiki to her house.

Doreen was very clingy to him, insisting he carried her all the way as she kept calling him “Dadd/’.

Julian didn’t correct her harshly like he did the last time. Conversely, he said with a warm smile, “My
good little girl, does your head still hurt?”

He didn’t want to lie to children

Yet, he had no choice.

Kiki kept instigating Doreen to pester Julian as if that was the only way to make him stay the night at
their place. Soon, it was very late in the night.

Kiki looked out the window and remarked, “Julian, are you staying for dinner?”

“Don’t call me in that tone,” Julian subconsciously corrected her, a sharp edge in his voice.

The look on his face made Kiki feel like things had returned to the past when he rejected all of her
advances. She looked at him in disbelief, her smile growing stiff.

Julian feared she might be suspicious, and therefore not trust him completely. He said quickly, “Diana
used to call me in that tone. To me, you’re not like her at all.”

He tried to be as vague as possible.

Kiki looked flattered as she assumed what he meant. “I understand. Don’t get angry. I know you want to
forget about her and don’t want to have anything to do with her. Don’t worry. I won’t call you like that
next time.”

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