Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 921

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Doreen could feel how cold and distant Sean was. She almost burst into tears as she touched the
bandage wrapped around her head.

Sean hated seeing her act like that.

She liked bullying her classmates and did that often. She would always steal their snacks but be the
first to cry when the teacher came back.

If she hadn’t injured her head because of this incident, Sean would never apologize to her. He would
take it as punishment for her bullying his classmates and for scratching Betty’s face.

Seeing Doreen on the verge of tears, Kiki hurried to console her.

Just as Julian was hesitating whether to scold Sean for fear that he might end up really breaking the
little boy’s heart, the principal appeared.

“Mr. Fulcher, please come over with Ms. Winnington.”

She first sent Sean back to the classroom, then returned to her office and asked them, “Has Sean
apologized to Doreen?”

“Yes, he has.”

“It’s inevitable for children to fight among themselves. As long as they take the initiative to admit their
mistake and make up with each other, we as teachers wouldn’t interfere too much,” she said.

Otherwise, the children might lose the ability to independently aligned with how international
kindergartens cultivated independent thought in their children.

Diana agreed with the philosophy very much. “Thank you against Sean because of what he did to his

The principal smiled. “I’m a teacher, so I must be able to understand children. I can’t be biased just
because of a minor conflict between them. If I did that, I wouldn’t be serving as a model for them. I’d be
leading them astray instead.”

Diana understood where the principal was coming from, and felt relieved. It made her feel even more
certain that choosing this kindergarten was the right decision.

The principal pushed her glasses up her nose bridge, and looked at Julian. “But… Are you two

A strong parent-child relationship and a positive home environment were things that the principal
prioritized very much. She could sense that something was wrong the moment both of them entered
her office, completely ignoring each other.

“No,” Diana said. She was worried the principal herself into Julian’s arms without a second thought.

She added quickly, “Julian, quick. Tell her that we were just putting up an act to appease Doreen’s

With Diana in his arms, Julian’s fingers went stiff. ‘Yes, that’s right.”

He composed himself quickly, and seized the chance to wrap her in his arms. After three long years, he
could finally experience the sensation he could only savor in his dreams.

Julian was so happy, the corners of his mouth lifted. He said to the principal, “If you don’t believe me,
just ask around. Ms. Stewart is no longer angry now, and she has completely forgiven Sean.”


Diana felt extremely uncomfortable with the word Julian used.

After all, he was the ultimate culprit.

“Next time, when you give others flowers, please don’t do it on the streets. It makes the children
uncomfortable when they see it,” she said through gritted teeth while leaning close to his ear,
pretending to be intimate with him.

Her breath felt hot on his ear.

He felt as if someone held a hot cup of water against his ear, making his senses perk up.

So, they had seen him giving Kiki flowers.

That was when he realized the reason Sean played a prank on Doreen. What’s more, Sean already
had a grudge against

Doreen. Given how much Sean doted on Betty, he probably counted it all against Doreen.

“Sean is very smart,” the principal said.

She saw Diana whispering to Julian and thought she must have misunderstood them. She no longer
harped about it and instead turned her attention to Sean.

“He covered up the surveillance camera before he did what he did,” she went on.

However, he forgot that the surveillance camera filmed his huge face when he covered it up.

“I asked him why he thought of doing that, and he said that he was inspired by the bedtime story his
daddy often told him,” the principal said firmly. “Reading bedtime stories is a good habit, but I hope
you’ll pay attention to influencing him positively and not use his intelligence to do anything bad.”

Julian was stunned. He didn’t expect his bedtime story to affect Sean so much.

The principal saw the shock on Julian’s face and couldn’t help but tease him. “Parents are their
children’s first teacher. Mr. Fulcher, there’s a lot you have to learn as a father.”

“I see,” Julian said.

After he got the clues about Diana’s amnesia, he would have to stop doing something so ridiculous in
front of the children —lest Sean get influenced and suffer in his love life.

Diana wasn’t in a rush to leave, even after the principal was done. Instead, she let Julian leave first.
She continued

sitting on the chair, clearly intent on talking further with the principal.

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