Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 920

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What a great shock!

It took all of Kiki’s self-control to stop herself from jumping for joy.

She had to be a good mommy right now, not just to Doreen, but also to Sean. That was the only way to
make Julian persist with that idea and stand on her side.

He was Sean’s father, after all. What if he saw her mistreating his children and changed his mind?

With that thought in mind, she immediately walked forward and held Julian’s arm.

“Actually, it’s alright,” she said with a smile. “Doreen’s fine now, isn’t she? Quick, tell Sean I don’t count
it against him as long as he doesn’t scare his classmates with frogs and bugs next time. We’re family,
after all. But if he hurt other children, things won’t be so easy to deal with.”

She was trying to hint to Julian that she was generous in forgiving Sean.

“No way,” Julian insisted, “I must make Sean apologize to both of you. That’s the only way he can get
along with you two and stop creating trouble for Doreen.”

Julian never expected himself to be so good at telling tall tales.

He looked lovingly at Kiki and said, “Otherwise, after you marry me, he’ll just keep bullying Doreen.”

At his words, Kiki almost flew to the heavens with happiness.

“There’s no need for that.” She waved her hands before holding onto Julian’s arm again. “You don’t
know kids as well as I do. The more you force him, the more he’ll dislike us. It’ll make it even tougher
for us to get along.”

Julian would only accept her as their new mommy if she was tolerant of them.

Praise and admiration for Kiki filled Julian’s eyes. “You delivered medicine so diligently to me over the
past three years, yet I kept rejecting you. Kiki, I almost missed out on a treasure.”

“No, no,” Kiki said. “Love will always find a way. We still ended up together after all that happened,
didn’t we?”

Julian was stunned at her words. His face froze stiff for a second.

He didn’t like what she said.

Now, he had the urge to haul Kiki up and throw her out of the backyard. However, he had to hold
himself back and plaster a smile on his face.

“What about the conflict between the two kids?”

“Let’s just leave it,” Kiki said. “I’ll talk to Doreen when we get home, and warn her not to show off to her
friends just

because she’s getting closer to you. It’s inevitable for Sean to get upset by that. We need to give him
some time.”

She had to make sure she looked just like a generous and tolerant stepmother.

That was the only way for Julian to like her even more.

As she expected, Julian was very pleased with how she handled the situation. The love and tenderness
in his eyes deepened.

“Kiki, that’s so nice of you.”

“Julian, you too.”

Diana almost puked when she heard their conversation.

Why did she never realize how disgusting Julian could get?

Did he just say that he almost missed out on a treasure?

Well, she thanked him!

She thanked him for successfully missing out on a piece of sh*t like him!

Sean looked weary, clearly in no mood to talk to his mommy. Diana wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t be
able to handle his friendships with his classmates. Neither was she worried that this incident with
Doreen would affect him in any way.

What she was worried about was Julian upsetting Sean.

Thankfully, after Julian entered the sickbay, he didn’t force Sean to apologize to Kiki and Doreen.

Still, Sean took the initiative to approach Doreen. “I’m sorry.”

He had gone overboard with his prank this time.

“It’s alright,” Doreen said. To begin with, she liked Sean very much. The look on Sean’s face made her
feel shy, and she quickly looked back at Kiki.

“Sean will be your brother from now on,” Kiki said. “Doreen, see how obedient Sean is? I told him that
he didn’t need to apologize to you, but he took the initiative to do so. Forgive Sean, all right?”

Sean wasn’t pleased with Kiki’s words. His face turned cold again. “I only have one sister.”

He didn’t want anyone else aside from Betty.

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