Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 918

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Julian didn’t feel good to hear Sean say that. Still, he couldn’t give up now that things had progressed
to this point.

Kiki was the only person he could go to in search of clues for Diana’s loss of memories. If he gave up
on his seduction plan, then next time…

It would be tough for Kiki to trust him and lower her guard.


He was about to speak when Kiki looked up at him keenly and said coyly, “Mr. Fulcher…”

She was afraid that he would choose them. At the same time, she hoped Julian would choose her

It was something she had been dreaming about over the past three years-that Julian would abandon
Diana and embrace her instead. If that happened, Doreen would be with a father, and she would be
with a husband.

What a perfect, happy ending!

Ever since she saw him again at the hospital, the dream had been in her mind. She didn’t expect Julian
to be as impenetrable as a stone, even after so many years.

Now that there were troubles in his

She tightened her hold over Julian’s arm; Julian didn’t push her

A look of determination flashed past his face as he said, ” Sean. It’s not that don’t want you and Betty.
It’s your mommy who didn’t want me in the first place.”

Sean was stunned.

He instinctively turned to look at Diana.

At that moment, Diana felt slightly guilty. Very soon, the guilt was overpowered by anger.

“Julian Fulcher!”

Weren’t his words an indirect admission that he liked Doreen and Kiki more right now?

She herself wasn’t bothered by that.

But…. What would Sean think about that?

He finally had a daddy for three happy months, yet now, everything was in a mess. His brows were
tightly knitted, a clear indication of how troubled he felt.

Diana was upset to see Sean like that.

“Sean, don’t listen to him. You know how Daddy and Mommy are divorced.” She glanced at Julian. “If
you don’t believe me, ask Daddy whether he still loves you.”

She looked at Sean’s tightly-knit brows, and paused for a moment before adding, “More than he loves

“Diana, don’t be naive,” Julian said impatiently. “Quit talking about such meaningless things. Make
Sean apologize to Doreen and Kiki!”

“Daddy,” Sean said, repeating Diana’s question. “Do you love me more than Doreen?”

Julian was his biological father, the daddy he had wanted for a long time. Sean used to think that as
long as he found his daddy, no one would dare to bully him. There would be someone who could
protect him, Betty, and Mommy.

That had been true for the past three months.

But now, Julian was guilty of hurting him and Mommy.

Sean saw Julian remain silent, and looked at Kiki. “Daddy, did you see how she pulled my ear just
now? She said that you don’t want us anymore, and that you like Doreen more.


Julian took a deep breath, and said, “I saw it. I was watching over Doreen at the sickbay at that time.”

Yet, he didn’t come out to stop Kiki.

Sean looked down, disappointed, and stopped talking.

However, that wasn’t enough. Julian went on, “As for what Kiki said just now, it’s half true.”

He glanced at Kiki. Her eyes were filled with expectation, as well as a tinge of guilt. It was mainly
because she didn’t expect Julian to overhear her arrogant words. She feared that they might anger

So, she asked cautiously, “Which part is true, and which part isn’t?”

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