Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 919

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“It’s not that I don’t want Sean and Betty, I just don’t want Diana any longer.”

Julian looked at Diana in disdain, as if he was on the verge of lashing out at her with a whip if he could.

“As for you and your sister,” Julian said to Sean, “I’ve said it before, I’ll find a new mommy for you. As
long as you two can accept Kiki as your new mommy, I’ll naturally accept the two of you just as before.”

Sean was stunned.

He was overwhelmed with disbelief, so much so that he stood unmoving on the spot like a block of

He subconsciously grabbed the hem of Diana’s shirt and said anxiously, “Mommy, I don’t want a new
mommy. Betty and I want to be with you forever.”

“Don’t worry. It’s okay,” Diana said.

She didn’t expect what Julian said in the past to come true. He really did have thoughts of finding a
new mommy for the twins.

What’s more…

He wanted Kiki to be their new mommy.

What a joke.

What a terrible joke!

Diana no longer wanted to hear a single word worry. No one can separate us.”

She paused for a moment, before adding, “It’s not that your daddy doesn’t want us, but that we don’t
want him.”

Tonight, when she returned to the villa, the first

Sean didn’t understand the difference that Diana pointed out. However, it was no longer important.

The most important thing was that he didn’t want a new mommy.

The second most important thing was that if Daddy could no longer protect them, then he grew up. By
then, he would protect Mommy and Betty himself!

That day would eventually come.

Sean swore silently to himself that he would never believe Julian Fulcher ever again.

He wasn’t a good father!

Just as Mommy said, they don’t want him anymore!

Sean looked coldly at Julian. The look in his eyes sent day, his son would grow up to surpass him.

An inexplicable sense of pride rose in his chest. However, that feeling was beaten down by reality in no

After he was rejected by Diana, he went looking for Kiki in hopes of helping Diana find clues to restore
her memories. He knew she’d be very happy when he told her that. Nina had mentioned that Diana
wanted to get her memories back, too.

Since his hard work couldn’t move her, he would help her achieve what she wanted to do the most. For
all he knew, in her moment of happiness, she might change her mind and accept him.

However, he didn’t expect things to blow up between Sean and Doreen in the kindergarten. Now, he
had to face up against Diana and Sean while trying to “seduce” Kiki.

When he heard what Sean said, his heart ached beyond measure.

But now, the show had just begun. He had no choice but to go on.

The only thing he was comforted by was the unparalleled sense of security Diana was able to give
Sean. Under her comfort, Sean was emotionally stable.

Although the look Sean gave Julian was cold and distant, he was thankful that their mother-son
relationship was in no way affected.

On the other hand, Kiki felt smug when she heard Julian’s words.

New mommy!

Julian said that he wanted to make her Sean and Betty’s new mommy!

Doesn’t that mean that this time…

Not only did Julian want to pursue her, but he also wanted to marry her?

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