Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 917

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Very soon, Julian, Kiki, Diana and Sean were the only ones left in the backyard.

“Sean, don’t make Daddy angry,” Julian said, ignoring Diana completely.

He didn’t appear to have any intention of blaming Kiki, the full-grown adult, for hurting Sean. He only
wanted Sean to apologize to them.

Diana looked deeply at Julian and remembered what Kiki told her just now. She stepped forward, with
the intention of pulling Julian to a quiet corner and hashing things out with him first.

Only after she clarified the status of their relationship right now would she be able to communicate
better with him.

However, Julian flung her hand away. “There’s nothing to talk about between us.”

His eyes were sharp and incisive, bearing a clear message of rejection.

Diana felt awkward, but she said, “Julian, something like this just happened to Sean. He doesn’t feel
good about it himself. Let’s not be like this in front of the kids…”

“Be like what?” Julian glanced at Kiki and sneered, “When you rejected me back then, you didn’t
consider the children at all. Why are you bringing them up right now?”

His tone was harsh and cold as he spat, “Pretentious.”

This wasn’t the first time he had verbally humiliated her.

He was worlds apart from the earnestness and passion he had treated her recently.

“Have you always been like this?” she said, disappointed. “I finally understand why I instinctively fled
when you confessed to me and why I subconsciously reject you drawing near.”

Julian’s eyes lit up as he looked up at her.

Diana went on, ‘You’re too fickle. You’re always so incomprehensible. You make me doubt whether
you’re genuine or faking it. I can’t deal with a man like you.”

She held Sean’s hand, and looked firmly at Julian, ‘You can hurt me as much as you want, but I won’t
let you hurt Sean. If he doesn’t want to apologize to Kiki, I won’t force him. As for Doreen, I’ll bring him
to her right now.”

Diana didn’t expect Sean, who

He had changed his mind. He

Diana sensed the severity of the situation.

Julian interrupted her. “There’s nothing to talk about.”

He insisted on having Sean apologize first to Kiki, as

even his own flesh and blood.

The sight of such a stubborn and cold Julian made Diana

What was there to talk about?

The only thing was how he never truly loved her from the start.

That was probably it.

If he had truly loved her from the start to end, why would they get divorced?

But… Why?

Why did her heart hurt so much when she finally accepted that this was how cold and heartless Julian
really was?

Still, she couldn’t let things between them affect her child. She tried to reduce the impact of Julian’s
harsh treatment of Sean, and said, “Sean, why don’t you want to apologize to Doreen?”

Sean stood stunned for a moment.

He kicked the pebble at his feet far out. His brows were furrowed as he remained silent.

Eventually, he said reluctantly, “She and her mother snatched my daddy away.”

He grabbed the hem of Diana’s shirt and said indignantly, ” Daddy wants me to apologize to them
without even looking into what happened.”

He paused for a moment before going on, “He doesn’t treat you well, too.”

His daddy no longer belonged to him and their family.

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