Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 915

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The moment the driver said so, he turned a sharp corner.

When Diana looked up once more, she saw a long, wide road stretching before her. She suddenly felt
relieved and happy. Determination filled her heart.

Perhaps, she shouldn’t be assuming what Julian felt about her and announcing him guilty of doing
everything to her for the sole purpose of practicing.

Since she trusted this man from the bottom of her heart, since she…

Since she had feelings for him, she should try to believe him. She, of all people, knew how terrible it felt
when Julian didn’t trust her back then.

Their meeting at the kindergarten today was a chance.

She believed that perhaps things between him and Kiki were just a misunderstanding and that she was
just overthinking things.

After all, Kiki’s daughter Doreen did scratch Betty’s face before. Julian had also told her that he wasn’t
interested in Kiki.

Diana should believe his words.

Perhaps when she saw the three of them looking like a tight- knit family, something else was hidden
behind the scenes. Very soon, the taxi reached the kindergarten. The driver stopped the meter so that
Diana could make payment.” Twenty dollars.”

Diana’s mind was filled with Sean as she hurriedly made payment. “Done.”

She opened the door, hopped off the taxi, and brisk-walked to the kindergarten.

Sean’s eyes widened expectantly the moment he

He did something wrong and caused Mommy trouble. He knew very well.

He didn’t have the cheek to walk right up to her the moment he saw her and stood next to her like the
obedient son he had always been.

After all, he was no longer obedient.

Sean looked up at Diana cautiously, his fingers crisscrossing anxiously. Diana could sense his anxiety
and unease from afar.

She was about to walk faster toward him, but Kiki rushed to him huffily before she managed to reach

Kiki recognized him. “Are you the one who caused Doreen to faint?”

This child was Diana’s son! That also made him…Julian’s son!

A pity that Kiki didn’t give birth to him.

Back then, she and Simon went to great lengths for a chance to stay by Julian’s side. Yet even after
three years, there had been zero progress in her relationship with Julian.

Until two days ago, when Julian took the initiative to show up before her and woo her.

Kiki could sense that her chance had truly come. Now, he had feelings for her.

She felt confident enough to grab one of Sean’s ears hard, and pull it hard.

Sean recognized her, as much as his ear hurt like mad.

Despite the pain, his face remained unchanged as he glared at Kiki like an angry young bull. To Sean,
Kiki was nothing but a shrew.

Kiki was infuriated by the look in his eyes, and screeched,” Good on you! Glaring at me like that even
though you did something wrong and hurt someone. Who gave you the guts to do this?”

She yelled out loud, “Is it your daddy, Julian Fulcher? Listen, let me tell you!”

In the empty backyard, her voice was exceptionally loud and piercing.

“Your daddy doesn’t want your mommy anymore!”

Daddy and Mommy getting back together had always been a wish that Sean had buried deep in his
heart. Over the past few days, he even thought they were a family. But now, Kiki and Doreen’s
appearance crushed his wish. Especially now,

when Kiki’s words shattered his dreams.

Sean was finally provoked enough to yell back, ‘You’re talking nonsense!”

“I’m not!” A sense of accomplishment filled Kiki’s chest upon seeing Sean getting angry. ‘Your daddy
said it himself! When he confessed to your mommy, she rejected him. He said she was blind and that
he wanted to be with me from now on and show your mommy that he wasn’t unwanted!”

Kiki, as the adult, overpowered young Sean in every way.

She chuckled and continued, “As for whether he still wants you and your sister, I have no idea about
that. Whatever it is, Doreen is currently your daddy’s darling. Just wait and see how your daddy will
punish you for hurting her today!”

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