Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 914

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After Sean was done, he quickly put the stools back to where they were. Then, he hurried to the
backyard to pick some bugs. He even caught a little frog.

He made a beeline for Doreen’s table, and poured all of nature’s good friends into her desk.

Later, his classmates started filing into the kindergarten.

Sean kept looking up, and realized that Doreen wasn’t here yet. He was about to get anxious, when he
spotted a familiar Rolls-Royce at the gate.

It was Julian’s car.

It had been two days.

Sean never saw Julian when he woke up. His daddy didn’t even send him to school. Rather, it was
Diana who sent him and Betty to kindergarten.

As it turned out, his daddy went to fetch Doreen.

Sean pouted unhappily as he glanced coldly at Doreen’s desk for the last time.

Doreen could feel it the moment she stepped into the classroom. The cool and handsome classmate of
hers, Sean Winnington, kept staring at her.

This time, she didn’t shyly avoid his gaze. Instead, she puffed up her chest and looked back at him

It was as if she was declaring that she

Sean bet that her smile was going to be turned upside down his face.

The next moment, he heard an ear-piercing scream cut through the air.


After Doreen opened her desk, a little frog jumped on her hand. When she put down her bag, she
accidentally grabbed a few bugs. Her eyes rolled backward as she fainted.

Not only that, but she even hit the corner of a desk when she collapsed. That caused blood to start

Upon seeing what happened, Sean was shocked stiff.

He just wanted to scare her and take revenge for Betty. He didn’t expect to cause so much trouble!

Since a child was injured, the kindergarten couldn’t themselves. Very soon, Kiki was called to the

Diana received a call as well. “Your child pulled a prank on his classmate and caused an injury to her
forehead. Come here quickly, please.”

Diana closed her shop without even caring about her customers, and rushed to the kindergarten
immediately without delay. On the way there, she suddenly remembered that Julian should know about
this too, and immediately called the kindergarten to ask.

“Was the father of the child informed?”

“Yes, he was,” the teacher replied. “Mr. Fulcher is on his way here.”

For some reason, Diana sighed in relief upon hearing that Julian was already on his way. It was as if
that with him around, she had nothing to fear no matter what happened.

That thought flashed past her mind as quick as lightning. It was a piercing and shocking thought.

Diana didn’t even have the capacity to wonder if Sean was crying right now. Conversely, what was
running through her mind at that moment was something else entirely.

The day before yesterday, when Julian carried a bouquet of flowers with the intent of giving it to her,
she hopped into a taxi and fled without a second thought.

Even when she returned to the villa at night and had dinner with Julian, she didn’t see the twins before
she slept. It was only because Julian told her that the twins were in pretty good condition. She believed
him, and felt reassured.

Since when did she feel so at ease with putting her twins in the hands of another person?

That had never happened, even with Simon, who had taken care of the twins alongside her. Back at
Stirling City, she would insist on having the twins right by her side even when she was up to her ears in

But now, she was able to not worry at all with Julian around.

“Sit tight,” the driver reminded her, “I’m turning the corner right ahead. After exiting this area, we’ll be
entering a new area in Richburgh that’s been many years in the works. The roads are a lot wider

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