Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 916

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Diana closed up the hundred-meter distance between them in a few steps. She grabbed Kiki’s arm,
then shoved it away. She caressed Sean’s ear and asked tenderly, “Are you okay? Does it hurt? I came
to you late.”

If she hadn’t moved so slowly at the door, Kiki wouldn’t have had the chance to bully Sean.

Kiki stumbled backward from Diana’s force.

Jealousy and viciousness flashed past her eyes. She leaned against the wall, then stood up. She
charged toward Diana and snarled accusingly, “Since you don’t bother disciplining your child, why don’t
I help you with that?”

Diana’s eyes turned cold as she grabbed Kiki’s arm once again.

“What right do you have to help me discipline my child?” she snapped. “You can’t even discipline your
own daughter well! What right do you have to help me with that?”

Kiki knew Diana was talking about Doreen scratching Betty’s face. At Diana’s mention of the incident,
she instinctively shrunk back.

But the thought of Julian’s positive attitude toward her made her confident once more. She crossed her
arms and looked down at Diana.

“Quit drawing attention away from the main point. We’re talking about Sean hurting Doreen. My
daughter’s head

injury is so severe. Everyone is a witness

The moment Kiki said that the principal came walking out of the classroom. Julian was right behind her.

Diana was delighted, not expecting him to reach even earlier than she did. She pulled Sean toward
Julian’s direction and comforted him, “Don’t fear. Your daddy is here.”

He would surely stand up for Sean.

Sean sighed in relief as well. He walked toward Julian, with Diana next to him.

However, Julian ignored them and walked to Kiki instead.” How is Doreen now?”

Kiki wasn’t in a rush to answer him, and instead in the sickbay right now.”

‘That’s good.” Julian sighed in relief before turning to look at Sean. “Come here.”

Sean looked at Diana. Diana smiled at him, and said, “Go on.

With Julian around, he wouldn’t let Sean get bullied.

Very soon, Sean stood right before Julian and looked at him with a gaze full of trust.

“Daddy,” he greeted, in a crisp and clear voice.

Julian nodded. “Apologize to Kiki and Doreen.”

Sean was stunned.

He could apologize to Doreen, because he didn’t expect things to go so out of hand and for her to get
so badly injured.

However, there was no reason for him to apologize to Kiki. That woman was arrogant and
unreasonable. She pinched his ear so hard, and spoke so nastily the moment she saw him.

What’s more…

She even accepted the flowers Julian gave her.

Sean looked down, not replying to Julian.

Julian started feeling anxious, and urged Sean, “Sean, did you hear what I said?”

“I did,” Sean said.

But he didn’t want to apologize.

Julian waited for a while longer, but Sean didn’t make any move. Julian furrowed his brows, and
snapped fiercely, ” Sean Winnington! Apologize to them!”

Sean had never felt such indignation before. He was on the verge of tears.

Diana sensed that things weren’t right, and hurriedly pulled Sean behind her. She looked at Julian,

“We haven’t gotten to the bottom of the matter,” she said. “I think we should give Sean some time
before coming to a decision on who should be the one apologizing.”

“Principal,” Julian said. Instead of replying to Diana, he requested for the principal to leave them alone.

The principal cared about familial relationships very much. Julian didn’t want to make all their efforts
during the interview go to waste.

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