Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 913

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A look of pity flashed past the receptionist’s eyes. “It’s just a pity…”

“What about?”

“Mr. Fulcher is now…” She looked like she was put in a difficult spot, but the thought of Diana’s status
in Mr.

Fulcher’s heart made her lean close to Diana, and whisper into her ear. “He seems to be pursuing
another woman. He was holding a huge bouquet of flowers when he headed out today. The name Ms.
Stewart was written on the card.”

Ms. Stewart?

Bouquet of flowers?

Good on Julian Fulcher.

He pretended to send her flowers only just yesterday. Yet here he was, sending flowers to Ms. Stewart

It seemed Diana and Nina had been duped by Julian.

In the first place, he had never lied to Diana.

He had made it clear to her that his confession to her was merely a rehearsal.

She and Nina simply chose not to believe it. Now that the receptionist had confirmed it, she had no
choice but to believe it.

She was such a fool! He had but treated her a little nicer, and she thought she had his entire heart.

The receptionist clearly wanted to see Diana

She was on Diana’s side.

Diana chuckled awkwardly. She suddenly understood that to and status was bound to have many

The receptionist saw Diana as the official wife who had to go around catching her husband red-handed.

The truth couldn’t be more different. She was just a live-in guest in his children. Beyond that, she was
nothing to him.

Thinking that, Diana didn’t hesitate to bring the twins back home and not stay at the Fulchers’ for a
minute longer.

She didn’t expect to bump into Julian

He stood next to his Rolls-Royce, looking like he came right out of a painting. He was dressed in an
impeccable suit, smiling gently as he looked at a woman standing in front of him.

That woman was…

Something clicked in Diana’s mind. She recalled that on and mocking her when she was at the
kindergarten, asking about its enrollment procedures.

Sean saw that as well. “Mommy, that’s the mother of one of my classmates. Why is she with Daddy?”

Julian even gave her the flowers.

Kiki blushed coyly. She accepted the flowers, then passed the child in her hands to Julian.

The child was a little girl with a bowl-cut

Then, Betty yelled out loud, “Doreen!”

She was upset. There was anger in her voice as she pointed to her own face. She was reminding
Diana about how her face had been scratched by Doreen before.

Diana burst out laughing. So that was the reason!

Julian treated her well because he was using her as practice, to help him pursue another woman. His
claims of wanting to court her and marry her again were probably a practice as well.

Whoever treated it seriously was the loser.

Kiki had feelings for Julian, too. It was why she kept picking on Diana. She even harped on Diana’s
miserable love life and lack of a happy home for the twins.

And her daughter, Doreen…

That little girl scratched Betty’s face on purpose!

Normally, Sean wasn’t one to get emotional. When he realized that his own classmate was the terrible
girl who scratched his sister’s face, however, he became agitated.

He looked at Julian carrying Doreen. A thought crossed his mind, and he smirked.

The next day, Sean arrived at his kindergarten bright and early. He usually arrived at the dot, but when
he reached the kindergarten today, his classroom was still empty.

He put his bag down. Then, he moved some stools and stacked them up high.

The stool tower was slightly shaky, but he climbed fearlessly. Once he reached the top, he calmly
covered the surveillance camera in his classroom with a tiny plastic bag.

The bag was white. Unless one paid close attention, nobody would realize that the camera was no
longer filming the classroom.

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