Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 912

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Diana was now completed convinced that Julian’s text about practicing a confession was just a cover-

He was genuinely pursuing her.

Pursuing her, who had lost her memories. Pursuing a version of her who didn’t remember anything
from their past.

Diana couldn’t quite fathom Julian’s thoughts. His emotions seemed to change way too quickly.
However, Nina said that he hadn’t changed at all.

Julian was, and would always be, the Julian who liked her and loved her.

This idea left Diana shaken, putting her in a dilemma. His face kept appearing in her mind. Ever since
she returned to Richburgh, their paths seemed to keep crossing.

In just a little over three months, she had accumulated a lot of memories about him. Sometimes he
treated her really well, but other times, he caused her significant pain.

Diana tossed and turned while lying in bed, still feeling uncertain about him. He might like her, he might
be pursuing her-but as Nina had put it, whether she accepted him again or could like him anew was her
own decision to make.

After pondering all this, Diana took a shower and went to sleep contentedly.

The next day, as she came downstairs, there was no breakfast cooked by Julian waiting for her, and no
chauffeured car. He hadn’t even taken care of the kids.

He only instructed Layla to tell Diana to send the kids to

Diana had to admit that since Layla had returned here. At times, she even felt that Layla was like
family, providing her with the warmth of a grandmother.

After helping the children into the car, Diana remembered to thank Layla.

At the moment, Layla was busy handing Betty her favorite toy. When she heard Diana’s words, her
eyes grew slightly moist.

“It’s all part of my duties,” Layla replied, looking at the two children and then at Diana.

She couldn’t help but sigh.

“It would be so much better if Madam Fulcher were still here! She was liked you so much. If she could
see Ms.

Betty and Mr. Sean, she would’ve been overjoyed.”

This was the first time someone had mentioned Julian’s grandmother to Diana, but that didn’t stop her
from feeling a strong sense of longing. Without memories, her life was ultimately incomplete.

Diana thought about what Nina had said, that Julian now believed in her amnesia and was determined
to help her regain her memories. How did he come to believe it? Did he already know the reason
behind her amnesia? Was that why he was suddenly so certain?

Medical tests didn’t reveal anything, and Simon remained tight-lipped. Now, it seemed Julian might be
her only way to recover her memories. He had vast resources at his disposal -perhaps he really could
help her remember.

However, she hadn’t seen him at all since this morning.

“Where’s Julian?” she asked Layla before leaving.

“He’s at the company,” Layla replied. “Mr. Fulcher left early in the morning. He seemed rushed, as if
something urgent had come up.”

Diana understood. After finishing her work in the afternoon, she picked up Sean from the kindergarten
and headed to Fulcher Inc. to wait for him to finish work.

The receptionist seemed to recognize her. As soon as Diana entered, the receptionist came forward to
greet her. “Mr. Fulcher left after a meeting in the morning. Didn’t he go home?”

The receptionist’s gaze was fixated on the two children.” They say Mr. Fulcher has children now. Looks
like it’s true.”

The little princess and prince were both adorable. One chubby-cheeked, the other cool and poised. The
receptionist couldn’t take her eyes off them.

Diana felt a little embarrassed by the attention, and asked,”

Did I used to come to the company often to find him?”

The receptionist was surprised. Thinking Diana was joking with her, she replied, “Of course! You used
to be the model couple that was all the rage in Richburgh, you know?”

Diana was shocked.

Had she and Julian been like that once?

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