Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 911

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Diana wasn’t dreaming, right?

“Of course it’s daytime,” her assistant replied. “Since the recent renovation, our studio has gotten more
customers. Many people who want custom orders are waiting for you to come out.”

Diana nodded, took a deep breath, and forced herself into work mode. She still needed to repay her
debt to Fanny and Mr. Whatever, so she didn’t have time to dwell on random thoughts.

Still, Julian confessing to her was too unbelievable. She endured until noon. Then, she quickly called
Nina and told Nina all about the situation.

Unexpectedly, Nina wasn’t surprised at all.

“Do you remember that day I posted on social media about having coffee with Mr. Fulcher?”

“Yeah,” Diana confirmed. She had seen and even liked the post.

“That day, he consulted me on how to pursue you.” Nina chuckled. “He believes that you really have
amnesia now, and he wants to help you discover the truth about your memory loss and recover your

‘This cant be real…” Diana was in a daze. ‘Julian actually believes that I have amnesia?”

Back then, didn’t they confirm there was nothing wrong with her brain through medical checks? Hadn’t
he been certain that she was lying, which led him to try to kick her out of Richburgh? After she got
injured, they both tacitly avoided mentioning that incident.

‘Now, how could he…suddenly believe me?”

“I don’t know how he had a change of heart.” Julian and

Vans didn’t tell Nina this part, but she still tried to explain things to and he really wants to be with you

Diana interrupted Nina before the latter could finish. She had just received Julian’s text She couldn’t
help but read it out loud to Nina, who burst into laughter.

“It’s so funny, Diana. Your rejection was too obvious, you dampened Mr. Fulcher’s enthusiasm!”

Diana shook her head. “He made it very clear. He used me as practice.”

“No, you don’t know him because of your amnesia,” Nina insisted. “He’s just very stubborn. Trust me,
I’m sure he was confessing to you.”

Diana hung up, feeling doubtful yet trusting of

She replied to Julian’s text on the way back with a simple, [ Okay, I got it.]

This way, their meeting wouldn’t be as awkward.

When she got off the car, Diana took a deep breath. She expected to see these past few days.
However, he wasn’t at the door. An odd feeling settled in her chest, making her feel uncomfortable.

There was no sign of him, even at the their recent interactions was also missing.

“Whatever, I can just whip up something to

Before she could step into the kitchen, someone rushed out of it.

It was Julian.

He was wearing an apron with the faces of their two children. slightly.

The moment he saw Diana, he visibly relaxed.

“Why are you so late today? Come and wash your hands. Dinner’s ready.”

He quickly placed the white plate on the table.

Diana was taken aback, not sure what he was up to now.” Where are the children?”

“They’re asleep.”

Julian then told Diana what Betty had said after she left.

“Although they were simple words, they signify that she’s willing to speak now. Also, there were
physical activities in the kindergarten today. Sean doesn’t usually exercise, so he fell asleep quickly
after he exerted himself.”

He pulled out a chair, and sat down beside Diana. The dishes on the table were steaming, filling the air
with fragrant smells.

Julian himself looked attractive, and his voice was melodious as he said, “Eat up. I made all of this for

As Diana looked up at him, he couldn’t help but scratch his nose shyly. “I made this meal to thank you
for being my practice for confessing.”

Diana couldn’t hold back a chuckle. Nina was right. Julian was more than just an ordinary stubborn

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