Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 908

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Hearing Julian’s response, Nina nearly spat out the coffee she was about to drink. “Have you been
reading online guides on how to win back a wife these past few days?”

Julian was embarrassed. “How did you know?”

“Just by hearing your cheesy lines.” Nina shook her head.” Don’t go saying these to Diana, please.
They give people goosebumps!”

In truth, Julian agreed with Nina.

However, many people online said similar things about how these sorts of lines would work, so he
followed the trend and memorized some. Upon closer consideration, if a woman wasn’t interested in
him, promising to dedicate his entire life to her would only worsen the situation and give her an extra
reason to reject him.

Nina was a savvy person.

Julian thought he had chosen the right person this time. She wasn’t as unreliable as Vans. He quickly
took out a notebook and asked humbly, “Please continue.”

Seeing his unexpected earnestness, Nina couldn’t help rolling her eyes. “No need to use a notebook.
There’s no secret to pursuing a wife.”

Her expression gradually grew more serious. “You can only move someone if your feelings are truly

As for whether Diana would eventually accept him, that was between the two of them. As a friend, Nina
would only offer support and not interfere in deeply personal matters.

“Don’t let her down. Don’t hurt her again.” When Nina saw Julian lost in thought, she continued, “And
most importantly… Trust her.”

Whether as a spouse or a lover, trust was crucial.

Julian remained silent for a long time. It wasn’t until Nina left that he said softly, “Don’t worry.”

He would never repeat the mistakes of the past.

However, this sincerity…

He had to demonstrate it through actions.

After much contemplation, Julian could think of only one concrete way to show his sincerity: by treating
Diana well.

He brought her the soup she liked after work, informed her and said goodbye before he left the house,
made sure she ate before him, and cared for the children while she ate.

Even if the food had gone cold by the time Diana finished eating, he never complained or showed any

When they went out together and if he saw her waiting at the door for a ride, he would quickly drive
over, pretending it was on his way, and offer her a lift. The entire journey would pass in silence. Once
they arrived at their destination, he would drop her off and leave without disturbing her. Yet, his actions
carried a gentle warmth

These were the things included in his first step in pursuing her.

As time passed, Diana finally noticed something unusual.

Julian was being exceptionally kind to her.

‘It doesn’t seem it’s like solely for the children’s sake anymore…?’ she wondered.

So, on a bright and sunny afternoon, she asked him bluntly,” Do you want to remarry?”

Julian was stunned on the spot. His hands clenched tightly, and he almost leaped up without any
semblance of dignity. His efforts over the past few days had finally become visible to her. It seemed
Nina was right.

Sincerity was the only way to move someone.

Still, it was too early to talk about remarriage. For now, he would be happy if she didn’t resist, dislike, or
fear him. He wanted to start by developing a relationship like lovers.

Slowly, he would move towards the step of remarriage.

With the momentum they were building, she would be his wife again sooner or later.

“That’s not it,” Julian’s response was firm. “I…”

“Then it’s fine,” Diana interrupted, before disappearing from his view as quickly as possible.

What a disaster!

She had developed such a strong misconception, actually thinking Julian wanted to remarry her. He
must be laughing at her right now. Laughing at her for not understanding her place, and for daring to
think about riding his coattails.

Maybe he would even call Vans and rebuke her, saying she was plotting against him again.

Diana patted her chest, and realized that she had been impulsive in asking that question. Next time,
she definitely couldn’t let her thoughts wander in that direction.

She couldn’t give Julian the chance to mock her.

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