Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 905

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Fortunately, Julian still had his Mr. Whatever alias. It helped him regain his trust in Diana, and realize
his own foolishness and recklessness.

“I’ll apologize to her,” Julian said. He took a deep breath, then looked at Vans again. “Take me back.”

In his current state, he couldn’t drive. Thus, Vans quickly started the car. When they arrived at the villa,
all the lights were off.

When Julian saw that, he actually felt safer and more relaxed.

“You should go back now,” he said to Vans. He knew what was to come, and he had to face it himself.

He turned on his phone’s flashlight, and slowly climbed the stairs until he found the guest room Diana
was staying. He leaned against the door, and slowly slid down.

When Diana returned, she almost thought she was seeing things. Why would there be someone at her
door? And that person… Why did it seem a bit like Julian?

She quickly switched on the corridor light.

When the sudden intense white light pierced his vision, Julian raised his hand to shield his eyes. Before
he could put his arm down and open his eyes again, he heard Diana asking, “What are you doing at my
room door?”

Hearing her familiar voice, he froze.

‘It’s late. Why isn’t she asleep yet?’

Julian was speechless. He gripped the floor with his hands; for the first time, he felt uneasy.

“Excuse me.”

Seeing that he didn’t respond, Diana didn’t care. She wouldn’t have any illusions about him anymore.
Whatever he wanted to do, she would just let him be. Everything was fine as long as he didn’t harm her
and the twins.

However, Julian didn’t move. He sensed the distance and indifference in her words. Upon careful
reflection, he realized she hadn’t looked at him directly ever since he brought her back to the villa.

His heart tightened, and his muscles tensed. He didn’t dare think further, nor did he at her. He feared
the coldness in her eyes would pierce through him again.


‘I was wrong.’

He intended to admit it-to confess, apologize, and lay everything out between them. And yet, he
couldn’t say anything as the words reached the tip of his tongue.

“What is it?” Diana dragged her injured leg. “Move aside. I know you’ve got the wrong room, so you
should hurry and return to your room.”

She absolutely wouldn’t think that Julian was deliberately guarding her door, or any other reason along
those lines.

Today, she had seen just how ruthless this man could be. He was a man so ruthless and domineering,
she couldn’t handle him.

Now, she was sure that divorcing him before was truly the right decision.

Though it was obvious Diana was chasing him away, Julian still looked calmly at him as she asked,
“Are you drunk?”

She sniffed, but didn’t detect any scent of alcohol. Then, she couldn’t hold back a yawn. The toilet in
the guest room was broken, and it hadn’t been fixed yet. Because of that, she had gone out to use the
restroom in the middle of the night.

Unexpectedly, she ran into Julian waiting outside her room on her way back.

Julian heard her yawn and quickly stood up, still keeping his head down. “No. You should go to sleep.”

Diana wasn’t in the mood for small talk with him. She pushed the door open, went in, and went straight
to bed, falling asleep right away. She had no worries on her mind now, so she slept deeply and

Early the next day, a servant was waiting at her door. Ms. Winnington, we’ve come to clean the room.
Unfortunately, you can’t stay in this room anymore.”

‘What?! Julian Fulcher, you scumbag! Is he trying to kick me out again?’

Diana was furious. Despite her legs hurting, she still planned to go downstairs and confront Julian for
answers. But as she turned around, she bumped into several carts rumbling toward her, all loaded with

Diana couldn’t help but stare. “What’s this?”

“Before, Mr. Noel lost all your clothes. The master ordered us to bring you several brand-new outfits,”
the servant explained.

Just then, another servant who had come to tidy up added, ’ The master has also arranged for you a
more spacious and well-equipped guest room with no issues.”

Gesturing respectfully, the servant said, “Please come this way, Ms. Winnington.”

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