Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 906

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However, Diana didn’t follow them.

“I’m fine with this room,” she said. The distance between this room and the children’s room was only a
few steps away. If Julian arranged for her to move to another guest room, she might end up farther
from her children.

She wouldn’t go.

She wanted to stay here.

“You just need to get someone to fix the toilet for me,” she said. “As for the clothes, I run a clothing
business myself. I won’t be lacking any outfits.”

Due to what happened with Cecilia Jarvis, the second floor of her studio needed renovations. She took
this opportunity to rest, and closed her store temporarily for a few days.

There were plenty of ready-made clothes inside the shop that she could wear, and she already had
Nina bring her a few things. Having three or four pieces to change into was enough.

Seeing Julian’s sincerity being rejected, the servants grew anxious. “But… Ms. Winnington, please
don’t make things hard for us. These are all the master’s orders, and we must care for you

“Let me stay in this room and wear the clothes I like. That’s the best care you can give me,” Diana
insisted. “Don’t worry. If Julian has any complaints, I’ll explain it to him.”

With her words, the servants dispersed.

In the afternoon, when Julian returned from the company, he found the twins playing with Diana on the
bed. He seemed to be aware she had refused the room change and the new clothes, but he didn’t say
much. Instead, he went in with a toolbox and quietly entered the bathroom.

Initially, Diana didn’t pay it much attention.

She wasn’t curious, either.

She thought he was just going in to take a look.

However, Julian still didn’t come out after half an hour.

It was Betty who finally got out of bed and walked slowly to the bathroom door. She had grown curious-
curious why her daddy had gone through a door, but didn’t come out.

Diana finally called out, “Julian?”

Julian responded with a hum. “Almost done.”

Repairing a toilet was something he had never done before. This was

There were many steps that required careful operations when attempts failed.

This was the third time.

‘Only success is acceptable. Failure isn’t allowed!’ Julian thought.

Finally, with a rush of water…

The toilet was fixed.

“There was a missing shim inside,” he said as he emerged from the toilet. He had removed the gloves
and taken a shower after he finished the job.

Diana wasn’t surprised that he took a shower after fixing the toilet. had heard from the servants that he
was a bit of a germophobe.

What surprised her was…

“Why did you personally come to fix it? And why take a shower in my room?”

Why, indeed.

He just wanted to have a chat with her, to remind her of his presence.

As for the shower…

Mischief flickered in his eyes. He had intentionally left a couple of buttons unbuttoned, and his chest
was slightly damp from the shower. He looked both nonchalant and suggestive.

He said casually, “If I went back to my room to shower, I might end up smelling bad in front of our two
precious ones right after I come out.”

As he spoke, he noticed Diana furrowing her brows.

He quickly added, “I didn’t mean to imply that your

bathroom isn’t clean.”

Diana’s eyebrows furrowed even tighter. She gazed intently on him.

Julian’s heart pounded, and he continued, “I didn’t shower and fix the toilet because of you. The usual
workers couldn’t make it in time, and I was afraid the kids would need to use the restroom while playing
in your room.”

All in all, everything he did was for the children.

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