Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 904

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Three years.

Three years was enough time to turn a prosperous mansion into an overgrown, abandoned place.

It could also bring a publicly listed company to the brink of bankruptcy.

It could turn unfamiliar men and women into intimate couples, and also turn intimate couples into bitter
enemies that are worse than strangers.

Julian and Diana were like that.

In three years, Julian’s yearning had turned into madness. He also developed inner demons.

When he faced the unfamiliar Diana upon her return to Richburgh, his inner demons transformed into

And that love, in the face of intense hatred, became fragile bubbles.

They couldn’t be touched or prodded.

A single touch would make them burst.

But now, these fragile bubbles had grown bigger, turning into balloons floating in the sky.

They were expanding infinitely. They expanded to the point that Julian’s heart numb himself with more

Vans opened the car window. He grabbed some tissues to collect the cigarette ashes from Julian’s

Then, he started the car for Julian. “Go home. I’ll take you back.”

However, Julian refused.

He reached out to stop Vans from starting the car.

“I’m not going back.”

He couldn’t face Diana.

Vans had never seen Julian so unsure of himself.

“Don’t you want to see her? Since you’ve gone through various should go back. You should face it and
see her as soon as possible.”

“See her?” Julian murmured. He then looked up at Vans and asked, “Do you believe it?”


“That she didn’t lose her memory.”

At this point, it was a bit strained for Vans to say he didn’t believe it.

“Considering what Albert told you, what you discovered using your alias, and what the neurologist said,
I’m leaning towards the possibility that she did lose her memory.”

As for who hypnotized her and how, Vans couldn’t figure out.

Julian did have a slight clue. “I’m not going home.”

Right now, he needed to see Simon.

The only person who had been by Diana’s side for three years was Simon. He was also the one who
had left with Diana in the first place. He definitely knew exactly what had happened to Diana three
years ago. No doubt, he would be the most informed about it!

But Vans wouldn’t let Julian go. “Even if Simon knows everything, do you think he’ll spill the beans just
because you asked?

Julian was now in turmoil.

He knew Vans was right.

Figuring out what exactly happened to Diana three years ago, whether it was due to the hypnotism that
led to her memory loss or some other reason, or even finding out who had done this malicious thing to
her-all required careful consideration.

For now, the most important thing was to go home and see Diana.

Vans emphasized, “Apologize to her.”

Avoidance wouldn’t solve the problem.

Julian was still unwilling to face the music. “What if we assumed wrong? What if she’s actually lying?”

Would she lie to him with her life at stake, or when their children’s most despised enemy, Albert, stood
before her?

If it were someone else, Julian wouldn’t be sure. However, this was Diana.

He clearly knew she wouldn’t do that.

Her children were her limit.

It was his own stupidity. He kept underestimating a mother’s determination. He should’ve thought about
it on Aster and Star’s death anniversary!

Diana wasn’t the kind of person who would disregard her children’s memorial days.

Yet, he had been so blinded by his own emotions that he believed she would use her children to solidify
her claim of amnesia.

It was his own foolishness-his lack of trust in her!

He had even completely forgotten about Albert and his Mr. Whatever alias!

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