Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 903

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“Sorry, I don’t know the password for the old email,” Diana said, and told him her current email. “Please
send it to this one.”

At this point, Julian’s guilt had surpassed his doubts about Diana’s amnesia. She wasn’t aware that he
was actually Mr. Whatever. If her amnesia wasn’t real, she wouldn’t have any reason to lie about it to
Mr. Whatever.

Earlier, Julian had blamed Vans. In reality, he was even more foolish and blameworthy than Vans! Even
after so long, he never considered using this identity to test her.

He simply didn’t trust her enough.

Before Vans suggested the hospital examination, he hadn’t even considered the possibility of her truly
having amnesia.

Whether it was Albert or Mr. Whatever’s identity, it was only after the car chase incident that his
suspicions about her had slightly eased. And so, he began to think of ways to approach her sincerely.

Hearing no response, Diana asked, ‘ Mr. Whatever, are you still there?”

“Yes,” Julian answered, but he was in no mood to continue talking with her. “We’ll talk after you confirm
the email.”

He didn’t dare to let her discover his real identity. He had to keep conversing with her while wearing the
disguise of Mr.


Late at night, Julian drove out of the villa. He was on his way to meet the neurologist Vans had brought
to the hospital.

He had many things he wanted to ask. He spoke with the doctor for about two hours. The more they
talked, the heavier his heart grew.

“Why didn’t you tell me all these earlier?” he demanded.

The neurologist was taken aback. He was a doctor, not a mind reader!

“Sir, I made it clear at the time. Her brain is fine, but…”

Julian had acted too quickly. He denied everything Diana said outright, and even wanted to kick her out
of Richburgh immediately.

Naturally, the neurologist felt that some things weren’t worth saying anymore.

In the end, it was all Julian’s fault. It was his recklessness, his attitude towards her, and his
unwillingness to believe her.

Julian leaned on the long table, looking like he was struggling to support his body. Finally, he took a
long breath and summarized his conversation with the doctor.

“If we confirm that she has amnesia that wasn’t caused by brain damage, then there’s only one
explanation.” He furrowed his brows, and voiced that conclusion. “She was… hypnotized.”

After leaving the hospital, Julian didn’t immediately return home. Instead, he one cigarette after

Vans went to see him after hearing the news. When he knocked on the car window, he nearly choked
on the thick stench of smoke inside.


Julian slumped in his seat, holding an unfinished cigarette between Vans, so dejectedly and foolishly,
repeatedly calling Vans’s name.


He was wrong.

He was wrong!

The one who went astray was him!

It was him!

In reality, the problem between him and Diana had always been quite simple. He was just unwilling to
believe her.

“My love is so cheap.”

He kept claiming that he loved her, but he didn’t even have the most basic trust for her.

He had caused her harm again and again.

He had put her in danger many, many times!

The cigarette ash fell on his hand, but he only stared at it numbly. He didn’t even feel the pain as the
ash left a deep

red mark on his hand.

Vans was wallowing in self-pity as well. “I heard about everything. I didn’t consider it thoroughly.”

He had viewed Diana’s sudden return to Richburgh from the perspective of Julian’s despair and pain
after she disappeared three years ago.

He had never considered that both he and Julian might be biased.

They appeared indifferent to Kiki’s words. Yet in truth, they were deeply affected by what she had said.

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