Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 901

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If Noel had driven a little faster…

If Diana had been ruthlessly thrown off…

If she hadn’t held on with all her strength, and ended up partially paralyzed…

The consequences were just too terrifying.

Diana shook her head to rid herself of the thoughts. She slowly leaned against the wall as she stepped
out of the door.

Julian had already taken precautions beforehand, worried that the twins might see her in this state. He
told them that she suffered a minor accident, and just needed some rest to get better.

When she appeared in front of the two children, they seemed somewhat accepting of the situation.
However, the concern was still there.

“Mommy, I have a new ambition,” Sean said.

Diana looked at him, surprised. “What is it, dear?”

Despite being just a little over two years old, Sean already had many ambitions-like wanting to be a
something seemingly unrelated, or a light bulb changer, or a scientist making significant contributions to

When Diana had a car accident last time, he said he wanted to become a doctor.

This time, it had changed again.

Diana didn’t mock his fickleness. Instead, she looked at him with widened eyes and waited patiently for
his answer.

Sean’s eyes were resolute. “I want to be Superman. I want to protect you.”

So that his mother wouldn’t get hurt anymore.

‘Oh, my darling child!’ Diana’s heart melted at the boy’s declaration.

“Okay,” she agreed solemnly. She didn’t tell him the harsh truth that Superman didn’t actually exist in
this world.

Even someone as remarkable as Julian had weaknesses and aspects that he couldn’t see through.

Like the fact that…she wasn’t lying.

Like with the brain scan results. Even with experts, they still couldn’t show that she had lost her
memory. In the end, it could only be attributed to her lying.

With today’s incident, the favorable impression she had of Julian over these days shattered completely.

He didn’t believe her.

That was her biggest problem.

Perhaps they had divorced back then because of this reason?

Even though she couldn’t remember anything, she had lost interest in learning more about Julian.

With him harboring so much distrust for her, his desire to keep her away from her children, and him
repeatedly insulting her that she wasn’t fit to be a mother, she wouldn’t let any improper thoughts about
him arise again.

During dinner that night, a new face appeared at the table. From the sounds of it, Julian had invited this
guest to dine with them.

Diana couldn’t understand why, but this guest seemed somewhat uneasy around her.

She acknowledged that she was also a guest in this mansion. She didn’t want to make anyone
uncomfortable, so she didn’t put on airs. Instead, she took the initiative to serve him food. “Please eat.”

Seeing that he didn’t eat a lot of vegetables, she changed his plate to include more meat.

Betty followed Diana’s example, and pushed the soup bowl closer to the guest.

Although she still didn’t speak, her increasing response to the outside world was one of the signs that
her condition was improving.

Diana was pleased with this development, and didn’t forget to praise Betty. “Sweetie, that’s so
thoughtful of you!”

When Albert heard this, the sweat on his forehead increased. He couldn’t even finish the food before
him. Even as he sat down, he felt uneasy-as if the chair was filled with pins and needles.

Diana thought that her appearance-she was covered in injuries-might have made the guest
uncomfortable. She made an effort to finish her meal quickly, and then hurried upstairs.

After she disappeared from sight, Albert knelt on the ground before Julian. “Mr. Fulcher!”

He deeply regretted what he had done to them.

He had been thoroughly confused, and committed such ridiculous acts. Never did he imagine he could
step into CoIlina Villa again in his life. That, and he definitely didn’t expect Diana to personally serve

Tears welled up in his eyes. He felt ashamed for believing that Diana’s humble background wasn’t
worthy of Julian’s status.

“Was the young miss the one who served me the soup?”

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