Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 900

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Julian took Diana back to CoIlina Villa.

The family doctor came at his call. He was upstairs, treating Diana.

She suffered mainly superficial wounds. However, the minor fracture she got from the previous car
accident and her new injuries worsened her condition.

The doctor updated Julian about her condition as he walked downstairs. “She needs lots of rest and

Julian nodded, and asked a servant to send the doctor off. He turned and went back upstairs.

Diana had fallen asleep. Now that Julian had brought her back, she knew she wouldn’t be driven away.
As she was sure about that, she could fall asleep quickly.

What’s more…

Her body was covered with injuries.

Clinging tightly to a moving car and fighting with her life exhausted her.

Julian didn’t wake her up. Instead, he sat by the bedside and looked at the wounds on her body for a
long time.

He sat until his legs went numb. By then, he still couldn’t figure out why Diana always ended up hurt
each time she met him.

He lifted his fingers. He could still feel the sensation of touching the scar on her lower abdomen in the

For someone who had never encountered childbirth, that scar was say the least. Ultimately, he had
disappointed her in some aspects.

Julian sighed, and tucked the sheets around Diana. He went out and said to Noel, “Call this man over.”

Perhaps he might be able to verify whether Diana was lying or not.

“Who?” Noel asked.

“Your father, Albert Carter.”

Julian walked back to the study in a hurry to verify with Vans once more that there was no issue with
Diana’s medical report. Then, he pulled out an old phone.

This was the phone he used as Mr. Whatever when he invested in Diana’s studio back then.

Since she claimed she only reopened her studio to satisfy the demands of her investor Fanny, then it
would be reasonable for Julian to contact her with his other identity.

“Hello, it’s been a while. I see that you’ve reopened your studio. How are the returns on my

When Diana woke up and looked at her phone to check the time, she saw a new text.

She registered for her current number in Stirling City, so not many people knew her number.

She thought Simon was looking for her, and hurriedly clicked on the it was someone by the name of Mr.

Mr. Whatever…

Who was that?

Another person she knew from three years ago?

From the text, he seemed like another investor of her studio.

Perhaps…another one asking for his money back.

Although she lost her memories, she couldn’t simply ignore her debt. She hurriedly called the number
in hopes of clarifying things with him. She wanted to understand the situation and ask for contractual

When Julian’s phone rang, he was so shocked that his hands shook.

He didn’t expect Diana to already be awake, much less call him directly.

He fumbled around, and quickly launched the voice changer app. By the time he was ready to answer
the call, Diana had hung up.

“No one picked up the call…” Diana wasn’t too bothered. Since this person was asking about his
investment and was paying attention to how her studio was doing in hopes of getting his returns, he
would definitely reach out to her again.

She decided not to care anymore, and switched off her phone before going to her twins.

After not seeing them for an entire day, she missed them to death.

The moment she got out of bed, she felt a searing pain in her legs. That was when she remembered
what she did on Julian’s car when he cornered her yesterday, and the pain she felt before falling


At that time, she was forced by circumstances to do what she did. She didn’t even have time to think.

The only thing she knew was that if she gave in, she would never be able to see her children again.

Adrenaline rushed through her veins as she chased after the car without regard for her own life.

If she were given another chance, she might not have the courage to do something so dangerous.

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