Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 898

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“Diana Winnington!” he bit out harshly. He glared menacingly at her, almost pulling his hand back.
“Don’t do something so degrading and make me despise you even more!”

She ignored him. She gripped his arm with all her might, and continued forcing his hand downward.

Julian’s ears were turning red. Diana and him hadn’t been like this for too long.

Diana saw the subtle change in him, and sneered.

“Why are you blushing?” she mocked. “I’m not that shameless as to do that with you in the car.”

She was mocking him for letting his imagination run wild, and for being shameless.

Julian’s face turned even redder. “You!”

Curse words were at the tip of his tongue. As his hands moved downward, he was eventually silenced
when he felt a long, protruding mark stretching across her lower abdomen, hardened over the years.

“This…this is…”

‘The mark left behind by a Cesarean section.”

When women gave birth naturally, their cervix had to be dilated by the width of 10 fingers. When
women gave birth through Cesarean section, doctors had to cut through seven layers of their

No matter which one, childbirth wasn’t easy; all mothers put their lives at risk.

Two years had passed since Diana last gave birth, but her scars never faded because of her various
health issues.

How did it become so bad…?

Julian’s fingers rubbed gently across the scar.

He didn’t even realize it when he was rubbing her tummy that day. He hadn’t moved his hands so far
down, after all.

Her scar stretched horizontally across her abdomen, and he had to move very far downward to touch it.
This was also why Diana had to guide his hand downward.

Julian looked down, and saw the huge scar…

It looked like a humongous centipede crawling on her body.

Tears welled up in his eyes. He continued rubbing the scar gently, and said in a trembling voice, “Did
it…hurt very badly at that time?”

Yet, he wasn’t by her side.

Diana didn’t want to act pitiful before him, and replied casually, “I didn’t feel anything during the
Cesarean section.

I was under general anesthesia during the operation. But after I woke up…”

She squeezed out a helpless smile on her pale face. “It hurt like hell the first time I got out of bed.”

When she gave birth to the twins, she didn’t realize that she was officially a mother. She simply felt
thankful to still be alive.

However, that notion was in her mind for a mere second. The sight of their soft hands made reality
dawn upon her.

She was now a mother.

A mother of two babies.

The pain she was feeling miraculously vanished at that moment.

She said mockingly, “Julian, you said that I’m not fit to be their mother. If I’m not fit, who else is? If I
don’t have the right to be their mother, who does? You? The father who disappeared for three years,
and never fulfilled his responsibility as their father for a single day during the entire time?”

At that moment, guilt overwhelmed him.

“Diana, I…”

He had been searching for her all this while. And yet, he couldn’t find her whereabouts.

Still, saying this was pointless right now. He calmed himself down, refusing to let himself be affected by
her words.

“You left me first.”

She also lied to him first by saying that she lost her memories. She claimed to not remember a single
thing, and at the next moment, deliberately told him about their


She was the scheming one-everything was her fault!

“Noel, drive faster.”

Julian wouldn’t be bewitched by her again. He was determined to throw her out of the car, and make
her leave Richburgh!

The car soon screeched to a halt. “Sir, we’re here.”

Diana panicked upon seeing Julian stubbornly refusing to change his mind.

“Julian! Even if you don’t think of me, think about the children. Will they still be well without their

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