Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 897

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“Noel Carter!” Julian yelled. “Throw this lying woman into the car!”

He vowed that he would personally drive her out of Richburgh. He wouldn’t delay it for a moment

From now on and for the rest of his life, he didn’t want to have anything to do with this fake woman!

Diana had no capacity to care about the check-up results as she grabbed the hem of Julian’s shirt
tightly. “What about Sean? What about Betty? What about the twins?!”

She couldn’t leave!

But what about her children? She couldn’t be apart from them!

“I’m their father, and I won’t mistreat them.”

Julian looked down, and stared at her hands that were grabbing his shirt.

“Filthy,” he spat out.

He had a terrifying aura about him. Suddenly, Diana couldn’t feel an ounce of warmth from him.


Just two days ago, they were sharing a bed.

In the blink of an eye, he was treating her like his worst enemy. It was right of her to suppress her
feelings for him.

She took a deep breath and heaved out all the indignation she felt inside, while dousing her feelings for
him at the same time. She said firmly, “I’m not leaving! Both my career and children are here!”

Even if she had to leave, it would only be when she was willing to do so!

What right did he have to force her to leave? She couldn’t even bring her own children with her. She
wasn’t going to take this lying down!

However, Julian had confirmed that she was indeed lying based on the test results. What’s more, she
still refused to admit her mistake.

Seeing her refusing to come clean even when faced with the possibility of separating from her children,
Julian didn’t hesitate to say, “Get in the car!”

He dragged her into the car mercilessly.

Noel looked on anxiously. “Sir, slow down, please.”

His words made Julian glare sharply at him. “Are you pitying her?”

Noel didn’t mean that at all! He simply felt bad for Diana, because she was a woman getting dragged
by a man. The force Julian was exerting on her looked almost unbearable.

“If not, then hit the road right now!” Julian roared.

Noel didn’t dare to utter another word, for fear he might say

the wrong thing again. “Where shall I drive to, sir?”

‘The border between Richburgh and Northern Yale.”

He would leave Diana there himself.

After that, he would send bodyguards to keep a close watch on her and ensure she had no chance of
stepping into Richburgh!

As the car sped down the highway, Diana tried to open the door and jump out a few times. However,
Julian kept the car doors locked tight. She could only plead tirelessly with the cold and proud man
before her.

“You don’t need to trust me, but you can’t take my children away from me!”

They were her lifeline.

They were her beacon of life, the source of courage over the past three years! Taking them away was
akin to taking away her ability to breathe!

How could she bear that?

“Dream on,” Julian sneered. He would never put his children in the hands of a woman like Diana. The
corners of his lips lifted in a cruel smile. “Diana Winnington, you’re not fit to be their mother.”

Just as how she wasn’t fit to be the love of his life!

For Diana, it wasn’t his place to decide whether she was fit or not. She immediately lifted her shirt to
reveal her stomach.

Julian was shocked stiff. He leaned his body diagonally, to block Noel’s view of Diana.

“What are you doing?!”

Was she insane?

How could she just lift her shirt in front of other men?

She was absolutely shameless!

What was she doing?

Diana remained silent, her eyes turning red as she bit her lip. She grabbed Julian’s hand and placed it
on her stomach, slowly guiding it downward.

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