Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 896

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When Julian called Vans to make an appointment for the check-up, he told the latter everything that
had happened. He was filled with disgust. Eventually, his tone softened as he said, “I hope Ms. Jarvis
will give up on me.”

A man like him, who could splash paint on a woman, wasn’t worthy of her.

Vans understood that Julian did so to dash all of Cecilia’s hopes. She was the only woman out of all the
socialites in Richburgh whom Julian found pleasant, and was willing to try having a relationship with.

Vans found it rather strange. “Didn’t you just say a few days ago that you’d pursue her? Why did you
suddenly become so heartless?”

Julian remained silent.

It had something to do with Aster and Star’s death anniversary.

But another reason…

Was personal.

He looked up at Diana’s lonely figure outside the window, and his eyes turned dark. Even his voice
turned low when he spoke. It was laced with fatigue and helplessness.

“Vans, I still love her.”

He realized that fact when he got furious upon guessing that Diana was trying to play matchmaker
between him and Cecilia.

He paid attention to her menstrual cycle, rubbed her belly, and seized the chance to sleep on the same
bed as her. All of these weren’t accidents-he wasn’t forced to do them, and they weren’t habits.

Instead, they were all because he still loved her.

His feelings for her were like a pot of oatmeal simmering over a small fire, bubbling consistently, but not
to the point of boiling over.

Since he still had feelings for her, he shouldn’t give Cecilia hope when there was none.

“Arrange it as soon as you can,” Julian said. “I’ll bring her to the hospital tomorrow.”

If the results proved that Diana was lying, he own two hands!

The next morning, Diana was still lost in the shock of seeing her studio in that terrifying state yesterday.
She was in a daze as she ate breakfast.

Julian kept rushing her, wanting to take her to the hospital.

Diana already knew that she was going for a check-up today. A straight foot wasn’t afraid of a crooked
shoe. She was even more excited about the check-up than Julian.

What’s more, she wouldn’t keep thinking about Cecilia with him around. She could distract herself.

The results were out very quickly.

When Vans came, he even brought a neurologist with him. He looked solemn.

Diana furrowed her brows. “Well?”

She wanted to know what exactly went wrong with

Vans didn’t reply to her, and instead handed the results to Julian. “This is the result.”

A bad feeling rose in Diana’s chest. She subconsciously clenched her fists and asked, “How is it?”

Julian crushed the results into a tight ball, and flung it into a nearby trash can. “Noel, chuck all of
Diana’s belongings out of the villa. As for the twins’ teachers, send word out that we’re going to
continue recruiting people. Make sure someone’s always watching Betty and Sean, and won’t let Diana
close to them!”

Everything happened so quickly.

The look on Julian’s face was terrifyingly dark.

Diana felt as if someone had gripped her heart. She rushed to the trash can, and dug out the results
like a madwoman.

She wasn’t bothered that it was dirty, and finally managed to find the results slip. She uncrumpled the
paper and read its claim: there was nothing wrong with her brain!

How could that be?!

Then, how did she lose her memories?!

Didn’t memory loss always have to do with the brain?

Diana looked pleadingly at the neurologist, who pushed his glasses up his nose and emphasized, “Ms.
Winnington, there really is nothing wrong with your brain.”

With that, she collapsed on the floor in disbelief.

How could this be…

How could this be?!

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