Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 895

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Cecilia took a deep breath, and recalled the firm rejection Julian threw her way before grabbing Diana
and leaving the studio.

Pain shot through her chest.

However, she took care to be polite, and stopped herself from yelling at Diana. ‘Til be going home with
my family.


Before Diana had a chance to say anything, Cecilia left the studio in the company of her family
members. She looked just like a princess, doted on and surrounded by her loving subjects.

Diana could tell that Cecilia’s family had many questions for her, as they kept rambling on about
something to her.

Cecilia didn’t look at all frustrated, and kept smiling sweetly as she responded to each one of them.
She must’ve received lots of love from them.

Diana couldn’t help but think about her Betty. If Betty received such love, could she grow up into a
loving and happy adult?

Diana watched on as Cecilia walked away and eventually drove off. Only then did she snap back to

She had never felt the love of a family, and was easily attracted by the calm and benevolent aura
Cecilia exuded.

Thank goodness.

Thankfully, nothing happened to Cecilia today.

Diana placed Cecilia’s cup into the disinfecting cabinet, and went to clean up the first floor.

She set her mind to visiting the Jarvises and solemnly apologizing to Cecilia when she had the time.
She would explain everything that had happened today.

As for a reason to visit the Jarvises…

Oh, yes!

Diana suddenly recalled that Cecilia still dressed the same way she sky blue dress with her.

Thinking that, Diana rushed to the dressing room upstairs. The moment she reached the second floor,
she was shocked.

This was no longer a dressing room!

It was hell!

The floor, the walls, and the curtains were all covered with streaks of paint. There was a sentence
written on the wall in bright red paint, saying, “Diana, go to hell!”

Her heart beat fast as she looked around. She felt as if she were in the middle of a murder scene.
Diana wished she could cover herself with a comforter-it seemed to be the only way to relieve the chill
spreading from her feet and up her spine.

Unfortunately, there was no such thing. There wasn’t anyone here, either.

Diana was the only one around.

She gripped the handrail; as she felt the cold metal on her palms, her senses finally returned to her.

She continued walking in. Suddenly, she felt something pull at her feet.

Looking down, she saw the sky blue dress she had painstakingly sewed together. It had become a
mess of shredded cloth, scattered all around the second floor.

She remembered…

The second floor didn’t look like this when Julian dragged her away from her studio. Cecilia was the
only one who could possibly turn her studio into this mess.


Cecilia said that she didn’t blame Diana.


Cecilia behaved as if nothing had happened.

And yet, it didn’t match with reality at all!

The stark contrast made her heart almost leap out of her chest. She leaned hard against the railing on
the second floor.

She had been careless to play the matchmaker so abruptly. “Careless?” she yelled at herself. “You
were absurd!”

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