Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 894

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On the day of Aster and Star’s death anniversary, Julian couldn’t look happy even in Betty and Sean’s

The thought of his two children, who didn’t even have the chance to see the light of day, weighed
heavily on his heart.

Diana was also drowning in endless sorrow. She couldn’t walk out of it.

She hated herself. She hated herself for not being able to remember a single thing.

That yellowed tombstone…

Why exactly did her children lose their lives?

She wanted to regain her memories. She wanted to regain them all. And yet, she felt so powerless and

She covered her head with arms, feeling like it was on the verge of exploding.

The air in the villa was somber.

Just then, members of the Jarvis family came knocking on the door in search of Cecilia’s whereabouts.

Mrs. Jarvis was most worried. “Cecilia said she’d call me after meeting Mr. Fulcher, but I haven’t heard
from her until now.”

Cecilia was their princess, whom they doted on dearly. They couldn’t bear for anything to happen to
her. They mobilized the entire family to Collina Villa to find out if she actually met Julian.

“Is she having dinner with Mr. Fulcher?” Mrs. Jarvis asked. Perhaps that’s why Cecilia forgot about
calling her mother back.

Mrs. Jarvis was all smiles, and everyone behind her perked up their ears in hopes of gleaning some
gossip as they tried to peek into the villa. After all, Julian had gifted Cecilia a pink diamond necklace.

He even asked Cecilia out today, asking her to go try out a dress.

Everyone in the Jarvis family assumed that a wedding was around the corner, and were starting to treat
Julian as a son- in-law of the family.

Julian could clearly see through them. He knew what they were thinking at one glance.

The Jarvis family wasn’t a complicated one, and probably couldn’t raise a disobedient daughter. It was
a pity that what Diana did made it impossible for things to work out between him and Cecilia.

In fact, things didn’t even start between them.

Julian didn’t even bother smiling at the Jarvises. He went upstairs with, his face cold.

“Clean up your own mess,” he snapped at Diana.

The twins were upstairs, and he was going to play with them.

Diana took a deep breath, and composed herself. She couldn’t allow what she found out at the
cemetery to mess up her thoughts.

Cecilia didn’t contact her family until now. Something bad might have happened to her.

Diana clenched her fists and said, “She’s not in the villa. I’ll bring you to her.”

Although the Jarvis family wasn’t of the highest social class, they were considered an elite family that
had survived across generations. Having seen the cold look on Julian’s face, they knew that their
daughter could very possibly be mistreated by him.

Mrs. Jarvis’s eyes turned red at once. “Hurry! Bring us to Cecilia right away!”

Diana didn’t dare delay, and hurriedly brought the Jarvises to her studio.

To her surprise, Cecilia was in pretty good condition.

She had taken off the sky blue dress. They could tell from her hair and face that she had cleaned
herself up thoroughly to make herself look so tidy.

Mrs. Jarvis heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing Cecilia. “You little brat! I called you so many times! Why
didn’t you answer a single one?”

She didn’t immediately ask Cecilia about Julian. She was first and foremost worried about her
daughter’s safety.

“My phone ran out of battery.” Cecilia smiled faintly as she showed her mother her phone, which had a
darkened screen. “Look, I couldn’t find a charger anywhere.”

“As long as you’re fine.”

Having checked that Cecilia was fine, Mrs. Jarvis wanted to ask her about Julian. Before she could do
that, Cecilia stood up and walked to Diana.

“I don’t blame you for what happened today,” she said in her usual friendly tone.

She could only blame herself for not being firm. She blamed herself for abandoning her restraint upon
persuasion from others, which gave Diana a chance to ruin her.

She and Julian…

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