Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 893

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Did they cry out in sorrow in the netherworld?

She neither held herself back, nor deliberately forced a response. Without realizing it, tears spilled
down her cheeks and on the ground.

The veins on Julian’s forehead popped when he saw Diana like that. Aside from fuming anger, he felt…

He looked disdainfully at her. “What do you think? Until when are you going to pretend that you’ve lost
your memories? Today was their death anniversary, and you spared no effort in making use of them to
turn my slight interest in Cecilia into disgust. Good on you, Diana Winnington.”

Did she really think she could do anything just by using her memory loss as an excuse?! Others
couldn’t even blame her properly!

Diana was exhausted explaining it to him so many times. ” Julian Fulcher…”

Her mind was in a mess. She had no memories of the tombstone, or her children buried under it.
What’s more, Julian refused to believe that she had lost her memories.


Before she could go on, Julian’s phone rang.

He didn’t answer the call. Yet, it kept ringing stubbornly.

It was Vans.

He knew what day it was today, and he wouldn’t bother Julian unless it was something important.
Julian suppressed his roiling emotions, and answered the call.

“Julian, I’ve been busy with a lot of surgeries these couple of days. I forgot to discuss something with


Vans choked on the coldness of Julian’s tone, but he didn’t hold it against Julian. Today was no
ordinary day, after all.

Usually, Julian would behave even more wildly on this day.

He would get himself badly drunk, and would kneel before the grave crying for forgiveness; insisting he
was guilty of losing Aster and Star’s mommy, and of not protecting them well.

Usually, on this day, he would miss his two children he had never seen. He would also miss the one
who personally carved the words on this tombstone.

But today, Julian didn’t call Vans out for a drink.

It was precisely because of this anomaly that Vans decided he could no longer delay calling Julian, lest
Julian did something rash to Diana.

“It’s about Diana claiming to have lost her memories,” he said. Nina kept insisting Diana wasn’t lying,
and even smashed him with a pillow that day.

After thinking it through seriously, he said, “Perhaps we can bring her to the hospital for a check-up.”

Since she claimed to suffer from memory loss, there would certainly be signs from a medical point of
view. There must be something in her brain that caused her to lose her memories. Wouldn’t an

experienced doctor like him be able to discern anomalies in the brain?

“Vans Stanley,” Julian said through gritted teeth, “you’re dead!”

Vans was confused. “Julian, don’t you think my suggestion is feasible?”

It’s not that it wasn’t feasible.

It’s that it was too feasible!

It was reasonable for Julian to be blinded by circumstances, given that he was personally vested in it.
Yet how could Vans, as an outsider and an experienced doctor to boot, only think of this now?!

Julian wished he could press Vans down on the floor and grind the man against the granite. “I’ll bring
her over right now”


“Wait till tomorrow.”

Nothing was more important than being with Aster and Star today.

Betty and Sean, his flesh and blood who were still alive and well in this world, were equally important.

As for Diana…

Soon, he would know for sure whether she was lying and acting all this while-or if she really suffered
from memory loss.

Today, she had no choice but to stay with him and their kids.

After the call and all the way back to the villa, Julian didn’t say a single word to Diana. He didn’t want to
hear her explanation.

He didn’t believe her at all right now. He would only choose to believe in science.

Everything will have to wait till the results of the check-up tomorrow!

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