Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 892

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“Mrs. Fulcher.”

Yet, the moment Julian shot them a glare, no one dared to address her as that any longer.

Diana looked at the words at the entrance of the cemetery, and mumbled under her breath, “Fulcher

She stopped dead in her tracks, and turned to the man whose face was dark as hell. “Julian Fulcher,
what exactly do you want by bringing me here?”

Cecilia was all she could think about right now. “You really shouldn’t have said what you said just now.”

Cecilia was going to be so sad.

The anger Julian had suppressed all the way here finally burst forth. He grabbed Diana’s chin viciously.

“Diana Winnington, cut the act!”

Did she think that as long as she pretended not to recognize this place and know who was buried right
here, he would be fooled by her?

His grip was so strong, Diana felt her jaw almost dislocate. However, she couldn’t even struggle against
his hold. She could only stare at him in disbelief.

It felt as if they had returned to when she first came to Richburgh and went to his house with gifts to
look for Betty, claiming to be his sister-in-law.

Back then, she had glared at him with such unfamiliarity.

Thinking of Simon and everything that happened over the past three years, pain shot through Julian’s
chest. He said mockingly, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to by picking today of all days to
invite Cecilia to your studio. You just don’t want to see me with other women!”

He was serious about starting a new relationship with Cecilia, and to let go of Diana in his heart

Yet, Diana would always hit him where it hurt the most, provoke him in a way that riled him up most
effectively, and trigger all sorts of emotions concerning her.

She was akin to the ocean waves, crashing into him and shocking him to the core every single time.

Meanwhile, Diana was in a complete daze. She didn’t expect Julian to twist her good intentions to this

Be it a few days ago, when she first heard Julian proposing to meet at her studio today, at her studio,
she belatedly realized that he cared very much about the timing.

She tried to suppress the pain and indignation she felt, and asked, “Is today…a special date?”

Why did he keep saying “today of all days”?


Why was she still acting at this point?


He’d bring her to their children’s grave.

He’d see if she could still carry on the act!

Julian released his grip, and shoved her face away. Then, he dragged her forward by her arm.

He vented all his sorrow and anger over the past three years as he strode across the cemetery in a few
short meters.


They were finally here.

He suddenly released his grip and shoved Diana forward so hard, she collapsed on the ground.

She couldn’t be bothered about the pain, because a yellowed tombstone stood right before her.

Her mind drew a blank when she saw the tombstone.

Yet, endless agony spread from her heart to her limbs. She felt as if someone had cut off her arms and
legs. Her body trembled all over, slowly growing numb.

She felt as if someone had built a bridge between her nose and eyes, stepping and jumping
relentlessly on it. Her nose and eyes grew terribly sore and painful. The pain reached her raw nerves.

Her heart had melted into an ocean of tears.

At this moment, she no longer needed an explanation from Julian. She could feel the pain and sorrow
he was feeling.

‘This is Aster and Star’s grave,” he said.

Diana looked up, her fingers caressing the tombstone. Every touch felt like ants biting into her skin.

“This is…” She looked at the tombstone, and couldn’t stop the pain inside from spreading across her
entire body. “Are they my children…?”

Was she already a mother before she had her twins? Did they rest in peace a long time ago?

What a heavy burden it was to see her children die before her.

Yet she, their mother, couldn’t remember them at all.

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