Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 891

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All Cecilia’s hopes were dashed.

Contrary to her expectations, she was treated so terribly by Julian.

Anger rose up her chest, turning her face red. She leaned hard on the mirror with her palm, leaving
colorful paint marks on the surface. That was the only way she could continue standing where she was.

She bit her lips, refusing to make a sound.

She couldn’t make a sound.

She didn’t want Julian seeing her in such a terrible state after abandoning her pride.

Thankfully, although he splashed paint at her, he didn’t barge into the dressing room.

Diana subconsciously heaved a sigh of relief amidst the shock she felt. Her head was buzzing right

She had been arrogant. She shouldn’t have interfered with Julian’s relationship and indirectly hurt

“Mr. Fulcher,” she had to remind him in a low voice, “Ms. Jarvis.Js inside.”

She hoped Julian could apologize to Cecilia. That way, the situation could still possibly be salvaged.

However, Julian disregarded her advice completely, and pretended not to remember Cecilia’s name.
“Ms. Jarvis? Which one?”

He glanced at the dressing room, and said in a voice loud enough for Cecilia to hear, “I don’t want
women who throw themselves so desperately at me!”

He would never forgive anyone who played tricks on the day of Aster and Star’s death anniversary, no
matter who!

From now on, there was naturally no need to meet Cecilia Jarvis.

As for Diana…

Julian grabbed her arm. “Come with me!”

Since she wasn’t willing to come clean, he would drag her to the cemetery right now!

They left without a further word, leaving Cecilia all alone in the studio. The entire place was empty, and
the commotion outside hit her hard.

Cecilia felt herself going breathless. The air around her grew thinner.

She finally understood the situation.

Diana looked kind-hearted on the surface, but she was in fact trying to humiliate Cecilia. That woman
had deliberately …used this method to make Julian hate her!

Cecilia clenched her fists. She slowly stepped forward, one step at a time, doing what Diana told her to

Her thoughts became clearer as she walked on.

Diana was such a scheming wench!

That woman made Cecilia walk slowly not to increase the element of surprise between her and Julian,
but because she had already expected Julian to splash paint on her.

With all that colorful paint on her, Cecilia had no choice but to walk slowly.

Diana Winnington…

She was probably mocking Cecilia in private right from the start.

Mocking her for being foolish and stupid, for being blind to human nature, and for being taken as a fool!

Cecilia walked slowly to the dressing room. She looked at the empty studio and the can of paint lying
on the floor. She held back the tears in her eyes as she walked downstairs. Soon, she found a pair of
scissors. She tore the humiliating sky blue dress she was wearing into shreds.

By the time she was done, paint had smeared all over her body.

She wasn’t in a rush to clean herself up. Instead, she lay paralyzed on the floor, feeling herself
drowning in a complicated mix of emotions. She felt like a fish out of water, her body twitching as she
fought for her life. Despite that, she knew she was powerless to do anything.

Meanwhile, Julian dragged Diana out of her studio into a car. He then dragged her all the way to a

Greenery surrounded the place, and mountains and rivers could be seen a distance away. There were
many security guards positioned at the entrance, who even greeted Diana upon seeing her.

“Mrs. Fulcher.”

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