Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 890

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The smile on Diana’s face vanished. “Julian Fulcher, what do you mean by that?”

What’s with that dark look on his face? Didn’t he realize she was trying to pair him and Ms. Jarvis by
inviting her here to the studio?

Julian walked toward her, and looked down at her. “Nothing.

I came here today in hopes you’ll come clean about not losing your memories.”

Not losing her memories?

But she really did!

Until now, Julian didn’t believe her.

Diana took a deep breath. From the bottom of her heart, she found this man incredibly frustrating and
unreasonable. She had said it so many times that she no longer wanted to talk about it anymore,
especially not today, when Ms. Jarvis was right here with them.


She lifted her hands and pointed to the dressing room, indicating to him that someone was inside, and
that he should stop behaving so unreasonably.

Julian ignored her. He was in a rush to get to the cemetery, and had no time to waste with Diana.

“If you’re not sincere about it, then forget it.”

He couldn’t hide the disappointment on his face, and turned around.

He no longer wanted to talk to a woman who would continue lying at the expense of her own children’s
death anniversary.

She was truly heartless to the core.

The woman who once cried till she fainted over the departure of Aster and Star was dead. It was
wishful thinking on his part.

Diana immediately pulled Julian back. “How am I not being sincere?”

She had gone to extreme lengths just to help him pursue another woman!

She signaled for him to pull the curtains of the dressing room open, hoping he would understand her
efforts when he saw Cecilia.

Surely he wouldn’t flare up at her. Instead, he’d be so grateful to her for helping him snag such a
wonderful lady.

The look of certainty on Diana’s face rekindled the ashes of hope in his heart. Perhaps it was also her
crystal clear eyes that moved him.

“I’m giving you one more chance.”

With that, he took huge strides toward the dressing room. Whoosh!

In one swift move, he pulled the curtain open halfway.

This wasn’t what Diana had suggested earlier!

Cecilia, nervous, turned around fearfully the moment she saw the tip of Julian’s leather shoes appear
below the curtain. She was worried he would catch her while she was unprepared.

“Don’t be anxious!” Diana said. She held his arm back, stopping him from pulling the curtains open

Cecilia seized the chance to do as Diana proposed, and walked forward step by step.

The sound of heels clicking on the floor reached Julian’s ears. His eyes widened, and he immediately
released the curtain he was gripping tightly.

“There’s someone in the dressing room?”

He saw a corner of a sky blue fabric peeking out from under the curtain, but he didn’t expect someone
to actually be in the dressing room.

‘Yeah.” Diana blinked at him and said smugly, “It’s Ms.


Ms. Jarvis?

Cecilia Jarvis?!

Julian immediately guessed what Diana was trying to do, and he felt thoroughly disgusted with her.

How could she not remember her own children’s death anniversary?

Instead, here she was, cooking up a ridiculous plan and trying to play a wretched matchmaker!

He grabbed a can of paint that she used for mixing colors in her designs, which was right next to him.
Without a moment’s hesitation, he splashed it right at the person in the dressing room.

He didn’t care who it was.

As long as Diana was the matchmaker, the other party stood no chance!

Cecilia had frozen on the spot. She didn’t dare to take one step forward. She didn’t even dare to move
an inch.

The paint landed on her head trickled down her cheeks from her hair.

The pink diamond necklace was tainted with paint. Cecilia stared dazedly at her reflection in the mirror,
looking just like a clown.

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