Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 889

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Cecilia was getting excited.

Not only because of this dress, which exceeded way beyond her expectations, but more so because
Julian was on his way here.

“Here, help me wear this.”

Cecilia opened the jewelry box containing her pink diamond necklace, and asked Diana to put it around
her neck.

“This is Mr. Fulcher’s gift to me. I think it matches the sky blue dress you made for me very well.”

Cecilia was thankful she brought it out. She hoped Julian would never forget how she looked today.

Julian truly would never forget today.

When he arrived at the studio, he knew that something was off. The air didn’t feel right.

Although there were no customers in sight, and there was even a sign that says “Closed” hanging on
the studio door, he could feel a joyous ambience in the air the moment he entered.

It didn’t feel like… Like Diana was going to talk to him about Aster and Star’s death anniversary.

Displeasure rose in his chest as he walked upstairs to the second floor, calling out for her. “Diana?”

Both women heard his voice at the same time.

They started panicking.

Worried, Cecilia asked with a blushing face, “Is it done, is it done?”

This was her first time confessing her feelings so boldly to a man. She desperately wanted things to
turn out well.

Diana was worried about not being able to pull down the curtains to the dressing room in time. She was
still struggling with the last clasp on Cecilia’s necklace. Such necklaces, with so many diamonds
encrusted all over them, were easy for hair to get caught in.

She wanted everything to be perfect for Cecilia, and hoped to do whatever she could for the latter.

“Done, done!”

After finally fastening the last clasp on the necklace, Diana heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly
straightened out Cecilia’s dress. She walked to the door of the dressing room and winked at Cecilia,
who looked back at her expectantly.

“Ms. Jarvis. When Mr. Fulcher stands right outside the door, I’ll pull the curtains open, and you…”

“I know,” Cecilia said, smiling, “you’ve said it a hundred times.”

From the bottom of her heart, Cecilia thought that Diana was a fantastic woman. Diana was sincerely
thinking of her, and seriously helping her relationship with Julian progress.

“I’ll slowly step out in my heels.”

That way, the lighting in the studio would shine perfectly on her head, like a halo. She would be most
perfectly presented, in her best condition.

She was ready.

Cecilia saw the curtain of the dressing room being pulled together, and flashed her reflection in bright
smile. She looked forward to seeing the look on Julian’s face when he first saw her.

“I’m here.” This was Diana’s first time playing matchmaker, and she was even helping her ex-husband
pursue another woman.

She felt very nervous, too.

She got even more nervous when she saw the dark and unfriendly look on Julian’s face as he strode

It raised her anxiety levels.

She clenched her fists, and glanced at the dressing room curtains which she had pulled together
earlier. She heaved a small sigh of relief.

“Mr. Fulcher,” she said, “come over here.”

Mr. Fulcher?

Impatience flashed past Julian’s eyes. “You don’t need to address me as that, even if you’re trying to
apologize to me.”

He wasn’t used to it.

Diana nodded, but then realized it didn’t sound right.” Apologize to you? For what?”

If Julian’s face had been dark a moment ago, Diana’s words made it stormy.

The air surrounding them suddenly froze. Diana felt as if lightning had struck the sky, and thunder
crashed all around her.

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