Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 888

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The next day was the day they agreed to meet.

When Diana arrived at her studio in the morning, she confirmed Cecilia’s schedule. Then she contacted
Julian, asking him when he would come. He said he would be there very soon.

Diana thought about it, then called Cecilia to come earlier.” You have to reach my studio before Mr.
Fulcher does, so you can put on the dress and give him a surprise.”

Cecilia was hesitant.

Would she look overly anxious if she tried out the dress before Mr. Fulcher arrived? Men didn’t like
women who were too bold and unrestrained. She didn’t want to do that.

Diana agreed with her thinking.

“I understand.” She didn’t force Cecilia to come earlier. ‘TH call you when Mr. Fulcher is here.”

“Wait!” Cecilia said. She thought about the man who made her heart beat faster, and looked at the pink
diamond he gave her a few days ago. She bit her lip. Regretting her earlier words, she yelled
passionately, “I’ll go right now!”

Julian had already expressed his liking toward her, and had extended multiple invites to her. If she kept
caring about looking too bold and unrestrained, she would be letting him and his affections down.

This time, Cecilia decided to be brave for the sake of love.

She called her driver to send her to Diana’s studio at once.

Meanwhile, Diana was ready and waiting in her studio.

The huge studio was empty, and bright lights shone in the room. The dreamy sky blue dress had a
billowing train, and it stood there waiting like civilians anticipating their princess ‘ arrival.

Cecilia took a single glance, and knew that the dress belonged to her.

She expressed her overwhelming emotions to Diana. “Thank you… I love it so much.”

Diana glanced at the clock and urged, “Hurry up and put it on, then! Julian will be here anytime. If
you’re not in the dress, it won’t be a surprise to him.”

Diana imagined the scene in her head, and described it to Cecilia. ‘Think about it. Later on, when he
draws near to the changing room, I’ll open the curtain. You’ll appear right before your Prince Charming,
decked out in your sky blue dress.”

What a touching scene it would be! Julian would certainly be moved by such a beautiful and stunning
Cecilia Jarvis.

Diana smiled. Sorrow that she didn’t even realize flashed past her eyes.

Cecilia immediately accepted Diana’s suggestion, and entered the changing room. ‘Thank you so

‘You’re my customer, and customer is king.”

Be it designing, making, or even helping her try out the dress, it was all what Diana considered part of
her job.

‘This is what I should do. Mr. Fulcher has paid me to do this, after all.”

Cecilia’s dress cost fifteen thousand dollars.

For custom-made dresses, Diana’s prices weren’t considered high. In fact, her prices were considered
low in the market.

But this time, as long as Cecilia was satisfied with the dress, her studio would ride on Julian and
Cecilia’s coattails and rise again.

The prices for every piece she would design would become higher. Even so, flocks of people would still
clamor to buy her dresses.

That was why Diana was adamant in ensuring that Julian and Cecilia were satisfied with their order.

Needless to say, Cecilia herself was unable to tear her gaze away from the sky blue dress the moment
she saw it.

She owned many dresses that were much more expensive. For a rich heiress like her, fifteen thousand
dollars was the price of staying in a hotel’s presidential suite for one night. Yet now, in exchange for this
fifteen thousand dollars, Diana had given her such a dazzling and stunning piece.

The dress made her feel like a fairy.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that.

The sky blue dress billowed around her, and the details around the waist echoed that of vintage
designs of the past. The fabric was cloud silk, which was smooth, satiny, and stunning.

It made Cecilia’s fair skin look dewy and bright, like snow.

“Beautiful,” Diana said admiringly. “Ms. Jarvis, you look great!”

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