Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 887

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He clearly held Cecilia in high regard.

Sue continued teasing her daughter. “Why are you being so shy?”

“I’m not talking to you anymore!”

Cecilia was like a little girl, unable to take the stares everyone was giving her. She stood up and ran
into her room. Right after she shut the door, she flopped onto her bed. She could feel her heart beating
like a drum.

She opened the jewelry box containing the pink diamond necklace, her fingertips running over every
single detail.

She shut her eyes, as if trying to feel Julian’s heart.

The date one week later…

She looked forward to it!

Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, a week passed.

Diana had been rushing out the dress over the past few days, and didn’t get much sleep. She looked
sallow and haggard.

Julian didn’t tease her about looking like an old hag, as he usually did. He didn’t look good, either; his
face was dark in a way that differed from his usual look.

He usually looked purely cold and disdainful. But now…

There was a trace of sorrow and wistfulness in his eyes.

Who was he yearning for?

Why was he in sorrow?

She had told him to come to her studio today, and she wondered if he still remembered.

Just as Diana was about to confirm that he was coming lest Cecilia come in vain, Julian took the
initiative to ask her, ” What time is good?”

She was stunned for a moment. Then, she realized that he meant to ask a suitable time for her.

“Eight in the morning.”

She would open her door for business right after breakfast. Cecilia was the only customer she was
scheduled to serve today.

Oliver said that this was her studio’s rule. On the day she arranged to give custom-made pieces to her
customers, her studio would only be open for that particular customer.

It made it easier for her to record the parts the customer wasn’t happy with, and make adjustments
right there and then.

But after serving so many customers, none had been dissatisfied with her pieces. That gave Diana

‘You must come,” she insisted.

She wanted to let Julian see a different, more stunning Cecilia Jarvis!

As for Julian, he wouldn’t miss Aster and Star’s death anniversary.

It seemed Diana wanted to go to the cemetery after admitting to him that she had faked her amnesia.
After all, she wouldn’t be able to enter the well-guarded Fulcher cemetery unless he approved of it.

As long as she admitted that she had faked her amnesia, he was willing to let bygones be bygones and
bring her to see the twins.

“Eight in the morning is great,” he said.

They would be able to reach the cemetery before noon, and they could stay with Aster and Star a little

“But Sean and Betty…” Julian hadn’t thought about whether to let the twins see their older siblings.

“Just let them stay at home.”

With so many servants around, nothing would happen if Julian and Diana were away for just half a day.
Surely, the servants could take good care of the twins. Plus, she didn’t want the twins to see Julian and
Cecilia together.

Upon hearing her words, Julian made up his mind. “That’s what I think, too.”

They were too young, and it wasn’t appropriate forthem to go to the cemetery.

He decided to just listen to Diana, and hide from the twins the fact that they had two older siblings for

Diana didn’t expect him to be so agreeable today, and was pleasantly surprised. “See you at the studio
later, okay?”


If they talked things out at home, the twins would overhear their conversation easily. It was better to talk
at the studio.

Julian glanced at her and said, ‘You’ve really thought things through this time.”

Diana laughed awkwardly. For some reason, she found Julian rather strange today. He was being so
courteous to her.

Perhaps it was because he guessed that she had called Cecilia to her shop on his behalf today? Or
perhaps, he was thankful to her for creating such a golden opportunity for them?

What a great ex-husband he was.

An inexplicably bitter feeling rose in her chest.

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