Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 885

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Right now, thoughts about him that Diana shouldn’t be having were creeping into her mind-more
frequently than they should be.

The best thing to do was to nip them in the bud.

After pondering over it for a moment, Diana made up her mind. She looked at Cecilia, and chased after
the latter.

“Ms. Jarvis, please don’t misunderstand! There’s nothing between Mr. Fulcher and me! He told you the
truth. We’re staying together purely for the twins,” she explained.

Then, she pulled out her design draft and showed it to Cecilia. She showed Cecilia the photo of the
finished dress.

“Look, this is the custom-made dress Mr. Fulcher paid for you. He pesters me about it every day, and I
was rushing it out the entire day in my studio.’’

The beauty of the dress took Cecilia’s breath away. Her excitement grew the more she listened to
Diana. “Is that so?”

“I need one more week,” Diana said. “Come to my studio and try out the dress. Julian said that he’ll be
there, and that he won’t miss such a beautiful moment.”

Diana’s words were rather exaggerated. Cecilia began doubting her.

“Did he really say that?”

“Of course!” Diana suppressed the guilt in her heart and went on, “You’ll know if that’s true a week

If she lied, Julian wouldn’t appear in the studio. If she spoke the truth, Julian would surely appear in the
studio, bright and early.

It was just a week.

Cecilia was willing to wait.

She nodded, and said to Diana, “Thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve thought that Mr.
Fulcher didn’t like me anymore…”

Diana recalled Nina’s words, and commented, “Nonsense! He’s just cold on the outside but warm on
the inside. He’s stubborn and has a sharp tongue.”

Cecilia nodded again. In truth, she found their relationship slightly awkward.

“You’re Mr. Fulcher’s ex-wife and the mother of his children. If I were to…” she said shyly, “if I were to
be with Julian, won’t you get angry and jealous?”

Diana smiled. “What ex-wife? A good ex-wife is a dead ex- wife.”

What business was it of hers if he entered a new relationship? As long as he treated the twins well, that
was enough.

‘Thank you, darling. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve misunderstood him,” Cecilia said warmly. She even

a hug with Diana before leaving.

Cecilia glanced at the house. “It’s fine that he has children. I love the twins too. They’re so adorable.”

What’s more, seeing Julian hugging the twins and coaxing them was truly…

Beyond charming.

‘What in the world is that woman doing?’

At the same time, Julian glanced outside from the living room. That was when he realized that Diana
was hugging Cecilia. Plus, the look that Cecilia gave him…

It was a gaze scorching hot.

Julian shuddered.

When Diana returned, he immediately asked, “What did you tell Cecilia just now?”

“Nothing.” Diana shrugged. She went to put her bag in the guest room.

There was only one blanket left there. The blanket Julian used last night had been kept away.

What exactly was she expecting?

Diana looked at the huge, empty bed. She covered her face with her hands, feeling embarrassed.

By the time she left the room, she had recovered and composed herself.

“One week later,” she told Julian, “remember to come to my studio. I have something very important I
need to do with


One week later…was Aster and Star’s death anniversary.

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