Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 884

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“Cough, cough!” Diana spat out all the water she just drank. ” Don’t give me that nonsense.”

She patted her chest, then anxiously checked the dress prototype she just made.

“Good thing the water didn’t hit the dress.”

This was for Cecilia.

Diana designed the dress in a sky blue color, which suited Cecilia’s elegance.

As an experienced entertainment reporter, Nina’s interest in gossip wasn’t so easily drowned out. She
pressed, “But Diana, he treated you so nicely last night. Are you sure you’re not thinking about him?”

“I… I did think about him.”

Diana would be lying if she said she wasn’t thinking about such a handsome man who had thoughtfully
rubbed her belly, and didn’t count it against her for slapping him.

However, she was trying to stop herself from thinking too much.

Nina saw the strange expression on her face, and leaned in excitedly. “What do you think of him?”

“I’m thinking about his woman, Cecilia Jarvis.” Diana smiled, and pulled Nina to show her Cecilia’s
dress. “She’ll look

fantastic in this.”

Excitement filled her veins as she spoke.

Nina rolled her eyes. “Diana Winnington, have you ever thought about getting back with Julian again?”

After hearing Diana talk about what happened over the past two days, Nina felt that Diana and Julian
weren’t just acting. They were simply expressing what was in their hearts!

Especially Julian.

“He and Cecilia just had one blind date. I heard it all from Vans. Julian might have let her hold his arm,
but we never know what’s really in his heart. He’s a stubborn man, Diana.”

Nina was still blabbering on. She looked up, and was interrupted by Diana.

“No matter what Julian thinks of his relationship with Cecilia, it’s impossible between us,” Diana said.
“I’m someone without memories. I don’t even know what I did to him three years ago, not to mention
what exactly happened between us in the past. And when I just returned to Richburgh, I did so many
laughable things in front of him… Whatever it is, things are impossible between us.”

Julian probably hated her guts right now.

He probably hated her so much, he wished she would vanish from the face of the earth-so that she
wouldn’t need to appear in his villa and stay in his guest room.

No matter what Nina said, Diana refused to believe there was a chance she could reconcile with Julian.

She shoved Nina gently and added, “There’s a greater chance of mankind relocating to Mars than us
getting back together. Move aside. Don’t hold me up from finishing up this dress.”

Speak of the devil.

When Diana returned to the villa from work, she ran into Cecilia.

Cecilia claimed Julian said that he would look her up, but he never did. Therefore, she had to take the
initiative and ask for the reason in person.

She didn’t expect to find out that the twins were Julian’s flesh and blood. Not returning to the villa so
naturally, as if it was her home.

Both women were stunned.

Julian was the only one who was at ease.

He explained to Cecilia, “That’s what it is.”

The smile on Cecilia’s face froze. “Okay. I suddenly remembered that I had something to attend to at
home. I’ll be off now.”

“Sure,” Julian said as he carried the twins in his arms. “I won’t send you out.”

His cold tone made Cecilia stumble.

When Julian said what he said in Diana’s studio, Cecilia thought that things were working out between

Yet now, she witnessed for herself Diana and him behaving like family in their home. She suddenly had
thoughts of giving up.

Her heart hurt.

This was the first time she had liked a man so much.

Alas, things had to end on such a bitter note. Julian didn’t even bother sparing her a glance when she

Cecilia gripped her bag tightly as she turned around to leave, her heart filled with disappointment.

Diana glared at Julian. Why was he still playing with the twins when Cecilia was leaving? Didn’t he
always say that she was interested in him…?

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