Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 883

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This very book contained all the doodles Sean made from the moment he could hold a pen.

Diana lamented, “This is filled with precious memories. I hope it’ll come in handy and let the principal
see how talented you kids are.”

Julian glanced at the book. He found the childish, yet heartwarming pieces beyond interesting.

He leaned in to take a closer look, but Diana pretended not to see him and closed the book. Her
sudden movement sent a gust of wind that blew on his shocked face.

This woman…

Was very temperamental.

Julian decided not to look anymore. Either way, the principal would flip through the book when they
entered the kindergarten. He would take that chance to look at it with her.

By the time they got out of the car, the principal was already waiting at the door.

Diana didn’t expect such treatment, and hurriedly greeted her. However, the principal focused on
talking to Julian instead.

She was full of praise for him.

Julian managed to convince the principal not with his riches or power, but with his own talent.

The principal used to be university mates with him, both having studied in a top-notch university

According to the principal, Julian was very popular in school. His academics were outstanding. He also
managed to complete all his courses and graduated in a year, when it was supposed to take three.

Julian saw Diana in a daze after she heard their conversation. He hurriedly explained to Sean, “I’m not
taking the back door. I’m just too outstanding and charming in my own unique way.”

Sean nodded and said solemnly, “I’ll work hard and be as awesome as you, Daddy.”

Diana was dumbfounded.

The interview went smoothly, and the principal was very pleased with the twins. She was equally
pleased with Diana and Julian. Before she bade them goodbye, she even commented that they were
such a happy family.

However, Betty didn’t fulfill the conditions of entering the kindergarten and was rejected.

It was for her own good. Julian’s forced provocation had worsened her condition. Diana wouldn’t feel at
ease if she had to get used to an unfamiliar environment.

When they settled down in the car, Julian saw that she looked calm as usual. He asked, “Are you


Betty can’t attend kindergarten with Sean?”

Diana said mildly, “I’m not.”

She treated Julian purely as the children’s father, and had suppressed the thoughts that inevitably
sprung up since he slept on the floor last night.

‘The principal admires you so much, she’s willing to give us this interview. Although it went smoothly,
she didn’t intend to lower the bar for us. That’s sufficient proof that this kindergarten is excellent.”


During the interview, the principal suddenly asked Julian about Diana’s top three favorite foods.

She thought he wouldn’t be able to answer the principal, but it was easy as pie for Julian. He rattled out
the answer with ease, shocking her to the core.

The principal noticed the shock on Diana’s face, and said, ” Seems like Mr. Fulcher really loves you,
perhaps to an extent you don’t even realize.”

The exaggerated look on the principal’s face earlier almost made Diana believe that her words were

Thankfully, she remembered Julian’s words from this morning, about how this was all just an act. It
made her feel relieved once again.

She smiled at the principal, and said she didn’t realize it at all.

She was always so calm and composed.

Julian listened to her calm and almost emotionless analysis, and the smile on his face faded. “Looks
like your brains are still intact despite losing your memories, Ms.


Diana could hear the sarcasm in his voice.

She ignored it, and reminded him, “Remember to discuss with me beforehand regarding any decisions
concerning the twins.”

What happened with Zachary hurting Betty could never repeat. Julian knew the severity of the situation,
and nodded. Then, he told the driver to drop Diana off at her studio.

They had reached an agreement. To make it easy for Diana to focus on her work, the twins would be
with Julian in the day. At night, Diana would return to the villa and take care of them.

“What’s the matter?” Nina asked.

She had skipped work and came to Diana’s studio to celebrate Sean’s successful kindergarten
registration. She noticed that Diana looked distracted, even after the latter was done with her work, and
teased, ‘Thinking about Julian?”

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