Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 882

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The night passed without any further words.

It wasn’t until morning that Julian realized something was off.

Why did he obediently sleep in the same room as Diana?

After all, their children weren’t watching them. As a result, he spent a restless night-whenever Diana
moved or shifted slightly, his hand would automatically move towards her stomach. He did that
subconsciously, too.

Because of that, she slapped him in the middle of the night. She called him a scoundrel, and said he
was shameless.

Julian was so angry, he wanted to leave with the blanket.

Yet when he saw her curling up in pain, trembling, he couldn’t leave. So, he massaged her stomach
again and again.

Diana got used to his massages, and soon stopped resisting. Slowly, she fell back to sleep.

But Julian was on high alert all night. Whenever she moved, he would rush to massage her stomach.

And yet, what was the point?

Looking at her expression-like she wanted to eat him alive in the early morning-he felt that his
disobedient hand deserved to be chopped. His brain, too.

Last night, he should’ve left quickly after the children went away.

He climbed out of bed and went to the door. As soon as he opened it, he saw a sleepy Betty and a
calm Sean standing outside like two gate guardians.

When he stepped out, they both looked up at him in unison. Betty even extended her arms towards
him, gesturing that she wanted to be held.

Julian was pleasantly surprised, and quickly pulled his little daughter into his arms. He room last night.
Otherwise, he would’ve been in big trouble if the kids caught him.

His daughter would never rely on him as much as she did today. He had to admit, Diana’s influence on
the children was much greater than his.

As soon as she appeared, they felt much more secure. In the past, they wandered around the villa like
guests. Now, they seemed to have a sense of belonging.

Sean, who wasn’t as clingy as Betty, approached Diana when she came out. “Mommy, since Daddy
was with you, does your tummy still hurt?”

Diana smiled, and ruffled his hair. “No, it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

She felt a bit embarrassed as she glanced at Julian. “Thanks for last night. I slept much better because
you kept massaging my stomach.”

“Not a problem,” Julian said, “it’s all just acting.”

That small burst of joy hidden in her heart vanished instantly.

’What was I thinking? Why would he still have lingering feelings for me? Cecilia’s much better than me
in every way.

Why would I think of that?’

She shouldn’t let herself be swayed by his acting, and she mustn’t be tempted by him again.

Even on the way to the kindergarten, she remained sullen and couldn’t muster any happiness.

Sean gently rubbed her stomach with his little hand. “Does your tummy still feels uncomfortable,

His gentle actions reminded Diana of last night again, and the fact that Julian’s tender side didn’t
belong to her. She couldn’t even figure out their past, let alone what kind of person he truly was.

‘I can’t be swayed by his recent show of kindness towards me.’

Diana calmed her emotions, and smiled. Mommy’s not in pain anymore.”

She lifted Sean and placed him on her lap, stopping him from massaging her stomach. “We’ll be at the
school soon. Have you prepared everything you need?”

Sean nodded, and took out the drawings he and his sister had made.

Diana looked at them. These artworks were their creations from when they were younger, until now.

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