Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 881

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In the past…

When they were married, did Julian have this caring side to him?

Maybe… Maybe the chamomile tea and sanitary pads he brought for her today weren’t just for show.
Maybe he made the bed for her on purpose.


As Diana pondered about the past, she suddenly found herself being lifted and thrown onto the bed.

It was Julian.

He actually tossed her from that height, and straight to the bed!

She was overthinking! Even when they were married, they must’ve been very unhappy together.

Diana turned around angrily, and pulled back the covers without saying a word.

Julian stood there, feeling a bit awkward. Had he…tossed her too high and hurt her?

“I just wanted to tell you not to get any ideas.” He scratched his nose, then pulled her arm abruptly.
“Get up! Drink all the tea first.”

‘Ugh! Go on and keep pulling me! Pull me till I die if you want to!’

She must have a screw loose to think that this man was genuinely good to her, instead of acting.

She refused to get up. “I won’t drink.”

The pain struck again, and she could only curl up in bed.

Julian wanted to pull her again. Upon seeing her face turn deathly pale, he knew she was in severe

He got up, and took the chamomile tea. It had already turned cold. So, he put on his shoes and went
out to get another cup.

The chamomile tea was only effective when hot. Cold tea wouldn’t work, and might even have the
opposite effect.

Diana used to be quite silly. The first time Julian made chamomile tea for her was during the peak of
summer, just like right now. The weather was scorching hot, and he didn’t know the tea should be
served steaming hot. He intentionally let it cool down before bringing it to her.

She didn’t even stop to check anything. After drinking the tea, she quickly gulped down a large glass of
cold water. Her pain later worsened.

Afterward, he asked her why she still drank the cold tea when she knew it would make her feel worse.
She replied, “I was afraid you won’t make chamomile tea for me again if I refused to drink it.”

Her eyes sparkled like stars when she said this, leaving an everlasting mark in his heart.

Silly girl.

The Diana from back then was truly a silly girl.

But why…

Why did she become so scheming? Could she really have lost her memories?

And yet, the way she acted didn’t show that.

At the end of the day, Julian realized he had never truly understood her.

Whenever she tried to please him, she would always have tricks up her sleeve—tricks even he couldn’t
figure out.

He returned with the hot chamomile tea, and pulled her toward him. “Come here. Come out and drink

His actions were forceful, and a few drops of hot tea fell on her. It burned, and she furrowed her

’Does he want to scald me to death?’

Julian also noticed that he was a bit rough. He touched his nose, feeling awkward. He quickly grabbed
some tissues to wipe her clean. “Don’t move.”

He grabbed a pillow for her to lean against, elevating her upper body. Then, he used a spoon to slowly
scoop out some tea from the cup. “Let me feed you.”

During dinner just now, she fed him like this.

He imitated the way she fed him during dinner, prompting her to open her mouth. “Ah…”

Looking at his awkward yet caring expression, Diana’s eyes flashed with amusement. Meanwhile,
Julian’s ears gradually turned red.

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